Escondido, CA

City council adopts new water restrictions

New restrictions for City of Escondido water customers have been approved by the Escondido City Council. Those customers will be permitted to continue to water three days per week, but only seven minutes per station, instead of the previous 10 minutes. The three-day watering schedule remains the same: houses with odd numbered addresses may only water on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday while those with even number homes may only water on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. Apartments, condos and businesses may water on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For more information, visit

Allowing City of Escondido water customers to continue to water three times a week but for shorter times will help the City to reduce its water consumption while accommodating the needs of its customers who live under hotter inland temperatures than coastal communities.

These restrictions do not apply to Escondido residents who are customers of the Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District. Those customers may water only two days per week for ten minutes per station. More information about those restrictions may be found at

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