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City completes channel improvement project

Recently the city of Escondido completed the Spruce Street Channel Improvement and Escondido Transit Center Active Transportation Connections Project

The city council authorized the project in February, 2019 through a Public Improvement Agreement with Palm Engineering Construction Company, Inc., for $3,523,810 to build the project.

The Spruce Project was funded in part by a grant from 2016 Proposition One Integrated Regional Water Management Disadvantaged Community Involvement funding, and two (2) grants from the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health Vector Habitat Remediation Program.

The ETC ATC pedestrian bridge project was funded by a grant from the SANDAG Smart Growth Incentive Program (SGIP). It constructed a new pedestrian bridge at West Valley Parkway (spanning the Spruce Channel) and installed bike lanes on West Valley Parkway and Quince Street adjacent to the Escondido Transit Center.

The Spruce Project consisted of improvements along a 2,000-foot-long section of drainage channel (and 450-foot-long box culvert), which collects runoff from about 1.24 square miles of Escondido. 

The project improved the flow of water through the existing concrete channel, storm drain pipe, and earthen channel from Spruce Street and Third Avenue (near Mission Pools) to the connection with Escondido Creek with the goal of reducing flooding and channel maintenance and improving vector control within the system.

All the project is complete except for the channel planting north of Valley Parkway, whose final planting will be completed after the rainy season.

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