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City catches up on code enforcement backlog

The before of a trash cleanup code enforcement.

Two weeks ago, the City of Escondido Code Enforcement Division did a big push to catch up on the growing backlog of code cases.

The effort resulted in cutting the total backlog from 104 cases to 34. According to the city’s website the oldest pending cases dropped from 56 days to 7 days.

One such code enforcement involved a massive trash clean-up of trash, junk and debris located in the front yard of a residence.

Through a follow up investigation to locate the out of town property owner, Code Enforcement learned that the tenants were being evicted and the entire property was in the same condition.

On the day of the eviction, according to the city’s website,  a Code Enforcement officer met the Sheriff’s deputy and the property owner’s agent on the site. The Code Enforcement officer walked the property with the agent and issued a Notice of Violation directing that all trash, junk and debris be removed from the property. Two weeks later, everything has been removed from the property and interior renovations are under way.

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  1. Rhonda Clark says:

    My boyfriend and I live in our 5th wheel trailer next the main house on private property of which the family subleases their part of the property and had asked Us to move onto their part of the property to mainly be grounds keepers. I’ve heard that it’s legal to have one travel trailer per household so long as that household is paying rent for the home which includes it’s surrounding property (front &back yards,side yards, driveway etc.) So,I need to know if it’s legal for the owner of the property to only give Us a two week notice to vacate the property due to code enforcement threatening to fine him?

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