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City begins checking storm drains

Assessment of the City’s corrugated metal pipe (cmp) system is underway.

Two televising crews are working to check the condition of all City-maintained storm drains.

Assessment of the first of ten geographical zones is underway in the eastern area of the City.

Short duration lane closures on Midway, East Valley Parkway, Bear Valley Parkway and several other major roadways are expected to begin this week.  Televising will be completed by December 1 and repair of the highest priority pipelines will begin.

The city council voted in July to begin the assessment of the more than 20 miles of corrugated metal pipe storm drains. The consulting firm Brown & Caldwell is assessing the city’s storm drains to see which drains can be saved and which need to be replaced.

The Corrugated Metal Pipes (CMP) were largely installed in the city between 1920-1930, and that such pipes normally have a lifespan of 30-50 years.

CMP is no longer used as a storm drain material because when it fails it can be quite nasty to deal with. Several years ago, a failure of CMP storm drain in Fashion Valley ended up costing tens of millions of dollars.

It is much cheaper to rehabilitate CMPs than to replace it.  The cost to rehabilitate a CMP pipe is $288 per linear foot compared to $550/ft.  to replace it.

Brown & Caldwell is inspecting the inside of the storm drains using cameras mounted on robots.

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