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City addresses concerns about intersection

City engineering staff meeting with residents concerned about problems with an intersection.

Last week City of Escondido engineers met on location with three concerned citizens about the conditions of the intersection at 9th Avenue and Valley Parkway.

According to City Engineer Julie Procopio, “City staff will evaluate their concerns at and see what can be resolved in the near future. The three residents appreciated that City engineers met with them and listened to their concerns in the field on such a warm day.’

The residents’ concerns included the following:

1) Pedestrian crossing time for crossing 9th Ave was not long enough.  Since receiving this initial request, staff increased the pedestrian clearance time from 15-seconds to 20-seconds. The residents noticed the longer crossing time and were satisfied that there is now enough time for them to cross 9th Avenue.

2) Pedestrian ramp has cracks and chipped concrete and a portion of the sidewalk is uneven.

3) Pedestrian push button at one of the corners is too high and too far for them to reach in their wheelchairs.

“We will be working to address items 2 and 3 as a part of the annual City’s street maintenance program,” said Procopio.

One response to “City addresses concerns about intersection”

  1. patricia borchmann says:

    Action by City of Escondido led to successful outcome, to improve traffic and pedestrian safety at Valley Parkway and Ninth Avenue. This case deserves media attention. Public stakeholders in Escondido hope this process and practice will be applied as a productive model elsewhere in Escondido. Compliments to Times Advocate for media coverage.

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