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Citizen Proposes Traffic Measures for Ridge Ranch

Valley Center Community Planning Group member Bill Miller presented as a concerned citizen to the board five measures to improve the ingress and egress for residents living at Ridge Ranch as an informational item on the agenda.

“I have five economically viable options that can be easily implemented to improve the safety of the area,” said Miller, resident in the Ridge Ranch neighborhood. The RR Home Owner Association President, Mike Van Zandt reportedly sent an email to Miller requesting that he not speak for the HOA and that he cancel the meeting with the County of San Diego. Mike Van Zandt stated for the record, I asked Bill to cancel the meeting as I and other residents did not agree with his plan for the entrance into RR. We felt he was asking for too little and personally I don’t think we have explored all the avenues for a traffic signal. Bill feels there is no chance for that but that is not his decision to make and I did not want Bill to be perceived as representing the association on this issue. I feel this is an association issue and whatever avenue we explore for the entrance should be put to the vote of all the residents, not just Bill and two or three others. He obviously took offense to my request but as the President of the RR HOA it is my duty look out for the best interests of the residents and that was what I was doing”

County of San Diego officials on Wednesday, October 14 met with a group of concerned citizens to review the site and determine viable options to manage the traffic which currently travels at a high rate of speed in both directions on the Valley Center Grade. In the past each invitation to the County to review the site caused the County to do a trip count analysis finding in each investigation that the intersection does not qualify for a signal predicated on the number of residents/trips generated from the community.

“I am trying to provide options that can be done with a minimum of expense to the County of San Diego and they have been very receptive,” said Miller. The Times-Advocate reached out to Kenton Wes Jones who was present and represented the County of San Diego at the meeting and have not yet received a response from officials.

Miller’s Proposed Traffic Options:

1.Move the North bound 45MPH signs, including the electronic sign, South of the Ridge Ranch entry.

2. Move the South bound 60MPH signs South of the Ridge Ranch entry. Add 45MPH signs going up the hill from Woods Valley Road.

3. Construct acceleration lanes both North and South from the Ridge Ranch entry. South bound lane exists. Remove a portion of the concrete barricade to allow enough room.

4. Construct a North bound right hand turn lane into Ridge Ranch.

5. Contact the Sheriff’s department or the Highway Patrol to see if we can get an out of service “Black and White” to park in the Ridge Ranch driveway, where the North bound traffic can see it, for three months.

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