Escondido, CA

Cigar aficionados wait with bated breath for special Fuente event

Angela Yue, proprietor of Lord Puffer frequently plays classical and standards at the piano in between her other duties at the cigar lounge.

You could say that cigar smokers all over North County are holding their breaths in anticipation of the grand opening of Lord Puffer Tobacconist in Escondido, and the arrival of iconic cigar manufacturer Carlito Fuente Jr. of Arturo Fuente Cigars.

Fuente is one of the most critically acclaimed makers of hand-rolled premium cigars outside of Cuba. Lord Puffer, located at 1315 Las Villas Way, Escondido, near the intersection of El Norte Parkway & Centre City Parkway, with the largest humidor in California—and Fuente, are a match made in Cigar Heaven.

Lord Puffer Cigars Grand Opening and 2018 Fuente Fever is happening Saturday, June 23 from noon to closing.  This celebration of the opening of the cigar lounge and a special appearance from Carlito Fuente Jr of Arturo Fuente Cigars, will include an opportunity to enjoy the company of good friends, smoked barbecue, cigars, cocktails, a live Cuban Jazz band “Amistad Cubana.” The band is actually from Cuba and only here in the U.S. because it is on tour. Also on hand will be ten time Grammy award winner Arturo Sandoval, one of the legends of modern jazz.

Talk of this fund-raising event for a good cause has been non-stop at the lounge, which plays host to a variety of clients who talk sports, watch action movies or political TV thrillers like “House of Cards”, and argue over the best brands of cigars. Now that the weather is perfect many have settled in the lounge patio to enjoy salubrious afternoons and evenings. 

Lord Puffer, which opened a few months ago in Escondido, has  the largest humidor in California (3,000 square feet) from which it sells wholesale cigars to the public. It’s a combination of gracious living and excellent prices.

And when customers have questions, proprietors Nathan and Angela are always around to provide the finest information on the best cigars around.  

Attendees at the special event will have access to all the super rare and highly sought after Fuente Fuente Opus X.

For the first time ever, “Fuente Fever 33” is coming to Southern California in collaboration with Lord Puffer Cigars for a Grand Opening / Fuente party extravaganza. This will be the largest west coast Fuente event where all Cigar enthusiasts will get the chance to meet Fuente, president of Arturo Fuente Cigar Company.

Favorite and most sought after Arturo Fuente and Fuente Fuente Opus X Cigars will be available in various sizes, sample packs, and boxes.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the legendary Carlito Fuente Jr in person—it’s the first time Fuente has done an event on the West Coast. 

Portion of the proceeds go to Cigar Family Charitable Foundation (,) a nonprofit that provides access to education for children in the Dominican Republic along with food, medical and dental.

Some of the famous Fuente cigars that will be on sale at the June 23 Lord Puffer Cigars Grand Opening and 2018 Fuente Fever.

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