Escondido, CA

Chocolate Festival is a sellout—again

A winning combination was chocolate and wine. The business is Simply Grand. Dayleen Coleman and her daughter from DLiteful Chocolat are on the left. The third woman— on the right—was an event volunteer: Katie Vandenburg.

This year’s Escondido Chocolate Festival was a sellout for the second straight year, with over 300 happy travelers of Grand avenue and side streets, discovering long time downtown gems and upstarts, alike.

Alex Maclaclan, president of the Escondido Downtown Business Association, told The Times-Advocate, “Apparently, sampling some of the finest local chocolatiers, wine selections, and craft beer, put our festival customers in a buying mood, with merchants reporting brisk sales and happy people filling their stores, galleries, and restaurants.”

He added, “The last two years have shown a fifty percent increase in ticket sales over previous years, so now our downtown business owners are wanting an even bigger event, feeling we are only scratching the surface of what the Saturday before Valentine’s Day can become. The Escondido Downtown Business Association will be happy to give it to them.”

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