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Chamber honors January “Rising Star” students

Once again, the Escondido Chamber of Commerce honored seven High School Seniors at the Rising Star breakfast held at The Centre. Each of the students, who are selected by the school administrators and teachers, demonstrate character, integrity, love of learning and involvement in school and community activities.

What is unique about most of our Rising Stars are the challenges they have embraced to reach this point of achievement in their young lives.

Take a look at the photo below. Can you spot the gold medalist? The students who learned how to interact with people because it is not natural for them? The students who left behind their country of origin to learn a new language and culture? Or the student who avoided going home, and found their passion in serving others?

Each of them have walked in shoes that many of us would not care to put on. But they do, daily! With laces strung tight, they run the race with perseverance, determination, courage and a winning spirit.

It is an honor and privilege to meet these Rising Stars and those who love them and support their dreams and aspirations.

January 2018 Rising Star Students Zurisadai Munoz from Del Lago Academy,
Hannah Chua from San Pasqual HS, Brian Taylor from Classical Academy,
Carolina Flores from Escondido HS, Gabriel Brown from Orange Glen HS and Michael Seo from Escondido Charter HS.

About The Rising Star Students of the Month program.
Our mission is to bring the community together to honor local high school seniors for demonstrating character, integrity, love of learning, involvement in school and community activities and/or ability to overcome challenging life circumstances without compromising their education. These are students who make a difference in their home, school and community with sincerity and passion.
Each student is eligible to apply for a RISING STAR scholarship, which has been generously provided by local businesses and organizations who believe in investing in our youth.

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