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Chamber honors February’s Rising Star students

Rising Star Seniors: Sebastian Desmond, San Pasqual HS / Noemi Gallegos Sima, Del Lago Academy / Cormac Bate, Classical Academy / Isaac Silva, Escondido HS / Deyri Chacon Perez, Escondido HS / Gisselle Campos, Valley HS / Raul Chavez, Orange Glen HS

We are half way through the second year of honoring Rising Star students at the monthly breakfast. 

At the close of the school year, forty-two seniors will have received the Rising Star of the Month Award and will be eligible for the Rising Star of the Year Scholarship. Today reminded me of why we started this program and it will be continued.

To Create Connections

The Chamber of Commerce is a business organization. However, we are deeply invested in education as the schools are the lifeline for the up-and-coming workforce. Connecting business leaders with educators opens the door for collaboration and partnerships.

Investing in Our Youth

Aside from the scholarships that will be awarded on May 19, 2019 at the Grand Ave Festival, we also invest in our youth through words and actions. These students may not remember their high school GPA score in ten years, but they will remember what their teacher, principal and parents said about them at the Rising Star breakfast.

To Honor Character, Integrity and Love of Learning

It’s easy to get recognition when you are at the top of your class, the star quarterback or the lead in the High School musical, which is commendable. But what about the young lady who started a club on campus to bring hope to the Dreamers? Or the young man whose greatest encourager is his foster mother and despite all odds has been accepted to Humboldt University? Each student has a unique story to tell, but they tend to have a few things in common. They strive for excellence, they are humble, they care about others and they are unstoppable.

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