Escondido, CA

Chamber announces changes in staff

Whether you resist it or embrace it, change is the inevitable factor of our daily lives. 

The chamber is experiencing change as well. We will have a change in board members on June 15th, with the installation of our new members who are committed to serving the organization. 

The chamber is also undergoing a change in staff. 


After living in California for about 40 years, Claudine Rumbawa and her husband Frank, are making a BIG change and moving to Texas. Claudine has been working at the chamber for the past five years. Her final event will be the Annual Dinner on June 15th. She will be missed, but we wish her all the best with her new adventure. 

And our new team member…

Chris Cochran is known by many here in  Escondido.  He has a solid background in Marketing, Special Events, Community Relations and more, and will be a valuable asset to the Chamber and the community of Escondido. Chris is already engaged with chamber activities. You can officially meet Chris at the Annual Dinner or send him a note at

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