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Chalice offers seminars on successful aging

Chalice Unitarian Universalist Con­gregation is hosting a series of semi­nars on living well in old age.

The mission of Chalice’s Successful Aging Strategies (SAS) team is to pull together, in an organized manner, the authoritative, credible and reliable in­formation you will need to assist with making the right decisions for living well as you age.

Here are some pertinent questions:

How can we make well informed decisions that reflect our values about the quality of life as we age when the morass of disorganized, problematic, publicly available resources is so daunting?

Do I want to stay in my home or move? If I stay at home, what modifi­cations might be necessary?

If I suddenly become unable to manage my daily life, what mecha­nisms do I have in place to guide my helpers? Who are my helpers?

Information on aging is also needed by loved ones and potential caregiv­ers. The SAS Committee has arranged for a group of highly experienced and dedicated professionals to conduct seminars on their area of expertise.

There will be four sessions plus a fifth, recommended, supplemental session all at Chalice, 2324 Miller Ave., Escondido, from 10 a.m. until noon. They are:

March 15: A team of experienced specialists address the stay or go (to where?) question and all that is in­volved in this key decision.

March 17: A geriatric care manager tackles the specifics of what help is needed and available as our indepen­dence diminishes, including how to find, select and manage that help.

March 22: A team of estate attor­neys and tax experts clarify and up­date those who “don’t know what we don’t know”about the multitude of in­terrelated issues involved.

March 29: A deeply involved North County physician/ gerontologist will focus on palliative and hospice care, and how to have the best quality of life long before and to the end.

March 31: Showing of “Being Mor­tal,” the PBS Frontline program, fol­lowed by a discussion to help each of us determine what “quality of life” means for each individual. Rev. Sha­ron Wylie who has served as a hospice chaplain will facilitate the discussion.

The seminars are non-sectarian and non-commercial. They are open to the public and will be broadly promoted with seating, first come – first served. Sign up at

All participants will receive a bind­er with related material for reference. Refreshments will be provided.

There will no fee, but donations will be accepted.

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