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Cesmat’s voice continues to resonate


In last week’s installment we explored the life and career of sports broadcaster Brad Cesmat who during his lengthy time behind the microphone, has been a driving force in two major markets, has worked alongside some celebrated and iconic names and has done so with an easygoing and relatable style that has helped make him an unqualified success.

Allowing his entrepreneur spirit and considerable experience to come to the fore, Cesmat hit upon his own concept of how to present sports. Propelled by a heavy local emphasis, his vision manifested itself into what became, a neat and well-conceived multi-platform site that launched in September of 2011 and that by any measure has grown into an unqualified success.

Loaded with plenty of timely feature content, podcasts and blogs among other items of interest, Sports360AZ does get into regional/national topics but drilling down on the pro, college and prep scene in both Phoenix and across the Grand Canyon State is its bailiwick. “Finding ways to localize sports is right in my wheelhouse,” says Cesmat. “I’ve found that when you localize things, you’re really onto something. I think we found some soft spots that weren’t being covered and took advantage of that.”  

Cesmat is also a huge advocate of advancing stories that might be unknown to the general public. “Tell me something about a subject or someone that people generally don’t know,” Cesmat considers to be a winning formula.

It comes as no surprise that the super-engaged Cesmat has his fingerprints are all over this appealing enterprise. Not only does he have a podcast that can be heard between 10 a.m. and noon, but Cesmat contributes a quick-hitting blog entitled Three Dot Thoughts as well numerous articles. As befitting an intimately involved CEO/Founder, Cesmat’s presence looms large.

And don’t think for a moment think that he has abandoned the television side of things. His Brad Cesmat Football AZ is a weekly program courtesy of Fox Sports Arizona that can be seen across the country via Hulu, DIRECTV and other streaming devices. 

What’s been told up to this point doesn’t even come close to summarizing the Cesmat saga. Other points worthy of note include his having worked alongside the colorful UCLA great Bill Walton on basketball broadcasts, manning a radio booth with baseball legend Joe Garagiola during an 80-game stint covering the Arizona Diamondbacks as well as sharing his considerable insights with a younger generation as an adjunct professor at ASU.

In addition, Cesmat has fostered a meaningful personal and professional relationship with writer extraordinaire Peter King, considered to be the go-to source for all things NFL. He has also sat down for interviews with mega celebrities like Muhammad Ali and Will Smith. Hell, he even spent some time with actors Matt Damon and Christian Bale on the set of their recent racing movie, “Ford and Ferrari.” 

Along the way, Cesmat has been blessed to have had a wonderfully supportive wife of 31 years who not only gave him four beloved children but truly sacrificed so that he could “chase my dream.” And his need to give back has been reflected in countless ways such as his longtime involvement with the Salvation Army.

When you listen to the immensely likable Cesmat, you can’t help but be regaled by all the fascinating anecdotal information he willingly shares. And if he hasn’t done so already, Cesmat should give serious consideration to someday penning his memoirs. Given all the compelling experiences he’s lived, the intriguing personalities he’s encountered and the way in which the growing boy from rural Valley Center has racked up some remarkable achievements, it would make for one absorbing read.

But Cesmat gives the impression he isn’t anywhere near the end of the line. Tellingly, he exhibits a strong desire to remain a viable and positive force in today’s ultra-competitive sports media market. For the veteran broadcaster/writer, there’s plenty of work yet to do and miles to go before he sleeps. Indeed, Brad Cesmat still projects a voice that not only continues to resonate today but should do so for many years to come.

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