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Center Chorale to present Concert of the Americas March 10, CCAE

The Escondido Center Chorale will present the Concert of the Americas on Sunday, March 10, 3 p.m. at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido’s Center Theater. 

The Center Chorale will perform music that is expressive and exciting. Artistic Director Joe Stanford told The Times-Advocate:  “This concert for us, is unusual, particularly in the wide variety of musical styles we will be singing. The Ariel Ramirez ‘Misa Criolla’ is a work I have admired for many years. Now we have an opportunity to bring it to life!  

“Two of the young tenors in the Center Chorale, Gabriel Nelson and David Melendez, will be singing the sweet, harmonic solos in ‘Misa Criolla,’ and the rhythmically vital accompaniment will be provided by guitar, bass, piano and percussion. The rhythms of ‘Misa Criolla’ are based on the folk music of Ramirez’s Argentinian countryside using a different idiomatic style for every movement.”

Next the chorale will switch to Jazz in the style of music unique to the USA.  “This swinging piece, called “A Little Jazz Mass,” is built on traditional Latin texts but with close harmony and rhythms familiar to our ears, unusual indeed!  Dr. Joseph Valent, our remarkable accompanist playing piano, Gunnar Biggs, bass, and Mike Masessa, drums, accompany the Center Chorale in a rendition of this cool music,” said Dr. Stanford.

If you have been to Mexico for any length of time, you have undoubtedly heard a group of singers strolling the streets and restaurants singing and playing happy music.  The Chorale will its hand at performing three Mariachi tunes. Two young tenors, Nelson and Melendez, will be joined by soprano Beatriz Avila-Casillas singing this fun music, complete with percussion, trumpets and guitar.  

“As we have been working on this popular style from our neighbors south of us, I have been very impressed with the expressivity, vitality, and subtlety found in the music,” said Dr. Stanford. “It is truly an art form indigenous to Mexico as Jazz is to the USA.”

Two little choral gems, one from resident composer and assistant conductor, Dr. Stephen Sturk, “Fuerte es el Amor,” and the Canadian composer Donald Patriquin, “Un Canadien Errant,” complete the program for the evening.

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