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Celebrate the life of Gloria C. Micale on Saturday, November 12

Gloria C. Micale, April 12, 1929 ~ September 29, 2016



Gloria Micale named each of her seven kids after saints — John, Marianne, Michael, Andrea, Paul, Tom, Teresa — hoping it might help their entry into heaven one day. Time will tell if Gloria was right. But one thing is certain. Gloria is there today.

On September 29, 2016, Gloria Micale, beloved mother, grandmother, great grandma “GG” and friend, passed away in her Rancho Bernardo home at age 87.

“I’ve had a very exciting journey in these 87 years, filled with many, many blessings,” Gloria wrote to her family and close friends toward the end of her life.

Anyone who knew Gloria was grateful to be a part of her journey. When people close to her were feeling down, she lent them compassion and encouragement. She had a generous spirit and was quick to laugh at anything funny or absurd. Her smile could light up a room. She overcame adversity with a positive attitude. Independent? Feisty? Stubborn? Oh, yes. Gloria was all that and more.

Gloria was born in New York City and raised her family in Massachusetts. With her husband Andrew Cirolia and their boisterous brood of seven, Gloria moved from Danvers, Mass. to Escondido in 1970. Her kids, looking back, often see Mom at her sewing machine, designing dresses, aprons and curtains, putting finishing touches on Easter Sunday outfits. Gloria took delight in cooking for her big Italian family. Everybody’s favorite meal was homemade pizza, the crust always prepared from scratch.

In the 1970s, Gloria was the office manager for her husband’s flourishing electronic sales business. She worked for the City of Escondido and was active in the community, volunteering at the Patio Playhouse and Old Globe Theatre, and tutoring at several local elementary schools. The second graders at Garden Road Elementary loved it when “Mrs. Cirolia” read stories to them. Her love of music inspired her to sing in the Emmanuel Faith Community Church Choir and the RB Chorale.

Gloria was never too old to try new things. After the kids had grown and moved away, she earned her real estate license, selling homes and managing property in San Diego County. She was thrilled when she finally traveled to Italy to see where her parents, Anna and Alex Micale, were born and raised. In her seventies, Gloria became computer savvy and created individual photo albums for her seven children. She scanned and printed hundreds of family photographs, dating from the 1920s to the present. It took 10 years to complete her project, an everlasting gift for each of her sons and daughters.

Throughout her life, Gloria’s faith brought her immense joy and purpose. During difficult times, it brought her relief and hope. Although she lived by herself for decades, Gloria often said she never felt alone. Her family was a phone call away, and she was forever in the company of people who talked and laughed and prayed with her.

Loving memories of Gloria will live on in her friends, and in her seven children, 11 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

Please join us as we gather to celebrate Gloria’s life on Saturday, November 12 at 2:00 p.m. at the Remington Club in Rancho Bernardo located at 16916 Hierba Drive. Pastor Marilyn Wyman of the Church at Rancho Bernardo will conduct the service and Pastor Jeff Jackson will deliver a Message of Hope.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my adventure in this journey through life,” Gloria wrote. “God’s divine plan for me was even more than I could have wished for.”

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