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CCAE needs your help to get Levitt music grant

There’s nothing quite like the strength of a community united. Together communities have overcome injustices, put an end to insurmountable conflict, and lifted each other to new heights using the support and foundation that can only be found in commonality of community.

One of the more important factors in bringing a neighborhood together is a safe place to gather, socialize, and entertain. The California Center for the Arts, Escondido aims to provide such an experience, but they can’t do it alone.

Every year thousands of people from Escondido and beyond gather in Grape Day Park to celebrate the Fourth of the July. The event is one of the largest in North County San Diego and grows larger every year. Featuring local musicians, food trucks, and artists, the event has become a staple for the city, and has left the community and the Center for the Arts wanting more.

Earlier this year the California for the Center for the Arts, along with the San Diego Music Foundation applied for the Levitt AMP Music Series Grant. Being awarded this grant would not only speak volumes to the strength of community, but would allow the city to develop a music series throughout the late spring and summer in Grape Day Park.

This series would be coupled with mini-festivals that would in the true spirit of the Center feature local restaurants, food trucks, artists, and give an opportunity for local musicians to open for nationally touring acts.

And, here’s the best part: Every one of these mini-festivals would be absolutely free to attend.

The entertainment, arts and crafts for kids, and food will all be selected to reflect the rich culture found in the city of Escondido and the diverse residents that spend their days living and working in our neighborhoods.

In its purest form this is an event for the entire family. Providing a safe place to picnic, play catch with your kids, or just cozy up next to a loved one and enjoy the night sky, the live music, and the friends you’ve grown up with or plan to grow old with.

The California Center for the Arts believes in Escondido, and since 1994 has provided top shelf entertainment inside its absolutely gorgeous theaters; it’s time to take that level of expertise and excitement outside. Grape Day Park provides a wonderful place to bring this new entertainment series. Located in the central core of the city the goal of this grant and the work of others is to make Grape Day Park a key element of ongoing entertainment and social activities. The funds needed to make this unique space vibrant and alive have been missing – until now.

To make this dream of a local music series come true the California Center for the Arts, and the City of Escondido needs your help. We are calling upon the surrounding neighbors, friends, family, and supporters to come together and show just what a community united can accomplish.

We need your vote. Voting may be the last thing most people want to think about these days, but to be awarded this grant, and continue to further our community we are asking that you give us just five minutes and vote.

The Levitt AMP [Your City] Music Series Grant will be awarded to the 15 non-profits who have compiled the most votes, and interest from the community. To show your support for this endeavor and your excitement about building a unique event exclusive to you and your city please visit right now, and click “vote” at the top of the page.

Come together once again in a show of pride for your city, an example of what your neighborhood and neighbors mean to you.

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