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CCAE has highest sales week ever

The week before last, which included the Bill Murray concert and the Winter Wonderland, was the highest ever in terms of sales for the California Center for the Arts, Escondido (CCAE.)

“I just love to share good news,” declared CCAE Executive Director Jerry H. Van Leeuwen in an email on December 6. “The weekend was outstanding. Bill Murray was a hit and Winter Wonderland was incredible. We estimate about 7,000 attended, of course people don’t stay the whole time so it was manageable. The museum door count was over 3,300.”

The director added, “The light show was fantastic and the Princesses show following was so much fun and included ‘snow’ shooting over the top of Lyric court. Kids went nuts! Some food vendors ran out of food!”

Then he got to the big-ticket item: “But the record was in ticket sales. Josie, the Director of Marketing looked all the way back to 2013-14 and discovered the ticket sales revenue for last week ($62,000) was the highest ever.”

The closet, he said, was a $52,000 week in 2014-2015.

As a icing on the cake, the Center has a new mosaic has been installed at the entrance to the CCAE museum.  The new mosaic was installed and donated by the artists and the concrete installer, and The Times-Advocate will have a photo and story in a future edition. The mosaic is reportedly worth about $50,000.

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