Escondido, CA

Catholic university to have in-person classes beginning Sept. 30

John Paul the Great Catholic University is spread out along several buildings on Grand Avenue. Students will return there in person on September 30.

Students will return to the campus of John Paul the Great Catholic University beginning September 30, said Derry Connolly Ph.D., President & professor of business at the university, which is based on Grand Avenue. 

“Yes – we will have in-person classes when we begin Fall quarter on Sept 30th. We are thrilled,” said Dr. Connolly.  The university will have 250 students returning, and the presence will also be noted by restaurants on Grand since the students frequently stroll the avenue and seek out their favorite dining experience.

Dr. Connolly talked about why it is so important for the students to attend class in person, rather than remotely: “Students crave community. Online learning, while great for older and narrowly focused adult learning, is a very poor substitute for the dynamic of the classroom. Students made do with the online option — they had no other choice. We look forward to being back in-person and hoping that people can get past the ‘fear’ that has built up over the past 6-months.”

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