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Carjacking Sparked by Car Repossession – Suspects at large

Update 12/01/16 – The Times-Advocate followed up with the Sheriffs Department after hearing conflicting accounts on the situation from readers. The Sheriffs department questioned some suspects yesterday, but the carjackers are at large and were last seen in Temecula. 

On 11/30/2016, at about 0400 hours, a tow truck driver was driving northbound on the I-15 freeway after repossessing a
vehicle in Escondido, when he saw two vehicles moving at a high rate of speed entering the northbound on ramp of the
I-15 freeway at El Norte Parkway. The tow truck driver described the vehicles as a black colored late 90s Acura Integra
and a black colored late 90’s Honda Civic. As the tow truck driver approached the Gopher Canyon Road off ramp, he was
in the number four lane (slow lane) when he saw the black colored Honda Civic ahead of him in the same lane with its
hazard lights on. The Honda Civic appeared to be approaching the other black vehicle stopped on the side of the
freeway about a 1⁄4 mile before the Gopher Canyon exit. The tow truck driver passed the Honda Civic and exited the
freeway at Gopher Canyon Road.

The tow truck driver drove westbound on Gopher Canyon Road and moments later he saw the two vehicles were
following him. The tow truck driver said as he approached the intersection of Vista Valley Drive and Gopher Canyon
Road, the black colored Honda Civic passed him and slowed down immediately forcing him to slow down. At the same
time, the black colored Acura followed close behind him and blocked him in, forcing him to stop. The tow truck driver
stopped in the middle of the road and the driver of the Honda exited his vehicle with a shotgun, racked a round and
pointed the weapon at the tow truck driver. In fear of being shot, the tow truck driver put his foot on the gas pedal and
steered his vehicle towards the center of the road to avoid the Honda Civic in front of him. The tow truck driver heard a
gunshot as he drove away.

The tow truck driver continued westbound on Gopher Canyon Road. The black colored Acura passed the tow truck
driver at about 80 mph and then crashed into a hill at East Vista Way and Gopher Canyon Road.

The tow truck driver described the driver of the Acura as a Hispanic male adult in his late 20’s, about 5’10” tall, medium
build, light complexion and facial hair on his chin.

The tow truck driver described the driver of the Honda with the shotgun as a Hispanic male adult in his mid-20s, about 5’10” tall, thin build with a mustache.

A 42-year-old female was driving her gray colored Dodge Neon southbound on East Vista Way near the intersection of
Gopher Canyon Road when she saw the black colored Acura that had crashed into a ditch on the west side of the road.
The female victim saw there was a black colored Honda parked next to the crashed vehicle. The female victim pulled
over to see if someone needed help. The female victim saw a Hispanic male walking from the crashed vehicle. A
Hispanic male exited the black colored Honda Civic with a shotgun and walked towards her. The Hispanic male pointed
the shotgun at the female victim and carjacked her vehicle. The female victim exited the vehicle and the suspects drove
her vehicle and the black colored Honda Civic away. The female victim saw the suspects drive northbound towards
Highway 76.

The black colored Honda Civic was located unoccupied near the intersection of Highway 76 and Olive Hill Road, Bonsall.

At about 0530 hours, two Hispanic males and a female in a gray colored Dodge Neon attempted to steal a truck from a
male in Temecula at a park and ride parking lot. The male victim drove his truck into the side of the gray colored Dodge
Neon and the Hispanic male shot two rounds at the side of the truck. The driver of the truck escaped the attempted
carjacking. The two Hispanic males and a female fled in the gray colored Dodge Neon. The gray colored Dodge Neon
and suspects are still outstanding. 

Call Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477 with information and you will remain anonymous. You may be eligible for up to a
$1,000 reward for information leading to a felony arrest. 

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