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Capital Campaign makes relocation a reality!

Artist’s conception of the San Diego Ag Hub.

Artist’s conception of the San Diego Ag Hub.

This article is reprinted courtesy of the San Diego County Farm Bureau.

This year marks another milestone in San Diego County Farm Bureau histo­ry. With an eye to the future, the current Board of Directors recognized the need to move the headquarters to a facility that would better serve the needs of our members.

Part of the vision, central to this new facility, is the creation of the San Diego Ag Hub – a Center for the Business of Agriculture.

With a number of agricultural related organizations in one core complex, the Ag Hub will be a collaborative center to share knowledge and resources while increasing agriculture’s visibility and influence in San Diego County. After an exhaustive search, an outstanding building has been secured; a build­ing that Farm Bureau members will be proud to present as their new home.

When the effort for relocation was launched two years ago, it was based on four principals for a new location:

• Large enough to house an agricul­tural hub and provide multiple meeting spaces • Generate income from tenants • Be a source of pride for members • Not burden Farm Bureau with long- term debt.

The Building Committee was tasked with a real estate search to fulfill the first three principals. In order to achieve the final principal, the Board of Directors recognized that a fundraising campaign was critical and the San Diego County Farm Bureau Capital Campaign was launched.

Over a year ago, the intrepid members of the Capital Campaign Cabinet began meeting with potential donors about the future of Farm Bureau and how a new location would play an important role. Those conversations resulted in an out­pouring of generous pledges. When the pledges reached the $1 million mark, the Board of Directors felt confident to enter into negotiations to purchase the building at 1540 East Valley Parkway in Escondido. The Capital Campaign has now passed the $1.5 million mark, moving closer to its $2 million goal.

At three quarters of the way to the goal, there is still much work to be done. While improvements are pro­gressing to ready the building for Farm Bureau and tenants, the Capital Cam­paign Cabinet will continue to reach out to Farm Bureau members with invi­tations to participate in the Campaign. Opportunities will be available for all members to help secure our future.

For more information about contrib­uting to the Capital Campaign visit and click on “Our New Home.”

You can also call the Farm Bureau of­fice at 760-745-3023 or send an email to Farm Bureau staff member Taylor Zumstein at

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