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Candidate Garcia responds to donation criticism

City council candidate Joe Garcia, running for the 3rd District, this week responded to criticism that he shouldn’t have accepted campaign contributions of $4,300 from Safari Highland LLC, a developer group proposing a controversial project in the San Pasqual Valley.  

Both his opponents, Don Greene and Dara Czerwonka, have criticized Garcia for not giving the contribution back.

Asked to comment by The Times-Advocate, Garcia issued this statement: “Unlike my opponents, who repeatedly attack me and each other by spreading unsubstantiated claims about personal character, I have remained focused on the issues that matter to the residents of Escondido. As the Vice Chair of the Planning Commission, I have a strong record of prioritizing the needs and concerns of the residents when considering any new development in Escondido. My stances on the issues and my votes will not be dictated by any interest group, either the Sierra Club, or developers. My focus remains, as it always has, on promoting economic growth, improving fiscal responsibility, and supporting neighborhood safety.”

There are fewer than two weeks until the city elections.

One response to “Candidate Garcia responds to donation criticism”

  1. Scott says:

    Here is a direct quote from Joe Garcia regarding the proposed development, “But what I will say is I won’t take a cent from the developer” in campaign contributions.

    See the quote in the Union Tribune:

    Should we believe a candidate that says money won’t effect his decision making when he lied once already?

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