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But wait, there’s more!

By now everyone should have received their ballot for the election on November 3. Let me re-phrase that. By now a ballot has been mailed to every registered voter in California. 

As the late Ron Popeil used to say, “but wait there is more.” It has been reported two days ago that Valley Center has been the victim of increased mail theft. To be clear, that means some ballots could have been stolen and if it happened in Valley Center it is quite probable that the same has occurred in other communities. The T-A has notified anyone who hasn’t received their ballot by now to contact the Registrar of Voters. For you mini-word folks that would be the ROV.

If you are in possession of your ballot, please read the instructions from the ROV as printed in the material that came with the ballot. As if a Presidential election year ballot isn’t large enough—which includes in addition to all the individual offices to vote for a candidate—twelve state propositions of which to be informed. To add to any confusion the ROV, under Voter Instructions, in Step 3 “Sign, Date & Mail” is this confusing instruction. In addition to writing in the date of mailing and your signature we are told to “sign your name as it appears on your driver’s license or identification card.” Rather self-explanatory wouldn’t you say?

Except for this little burr in the saddle. What if the name on your license or ID card is different than how you registered to vote? I know a few people whose license name is different than their voter registration name. It would seem then that the people counting votes compare the ballot signature with how you signed your license or ID card, not how you registered to have the responsibility to exercise your right to vote. This would indicate that if the ballot signature does not match your license or ID card your vote will not be counted? Oh my gosh, I might becoming woke using acronyms as I have!

And my almost last election comment today, I know some of the proposition arguments might be a bit confusing to read given the linguistic gymnastics involved in crafting the language but do read them before you mark your ballot. Oh, and if you want to save some taxpayer money take your ballot to a drop-off location shown under the “Return Your Mail Ballot to a Trusted Source.” And above all…VOTE.

As you are aware, there are numerous ads on TV regarding some propositions. One in particular caught my eye talking about Prop. 22, which impacts ride sharing services, with M.A.D.D. speaking in favor. By the way, or BTW, the acronym is for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers a very important organization championed locally by Escondido resident Norma Phillips after her son Dean was killed by a drunk driver a few decades ago. I remember their yearly entries in the Jaycees Christmas Parade to keep the M.A.D.D. mission front and center. As it should be.

And speaking of drunk drivers, I read with interest comments from council members and our Mayor. I have observed more DUI checkpoints the past 15 years than all council members combined and can state unequivocally that it is impossible to target drivers. It is understandable that drivers would feel uncomfortable who have, as Opie Taylor once said, “had a snootfull,” or overindulged in smoking weed and using illicit drugs, or have no license or insurance. DUI spots have been set up in 11 different locations all over Escondido with only two in Central Escondido. Targeting? Please.

Sad to read about Solutions for Change being stripped of most of their operations to help homeless families get their lives back on track. Former US Marine Chris Megison is very passionate about helping families get their lives back on track providing housing, education and job training.

For you diehards, I saw this plate ELVIS. Maybe he is still among us. Okay, this being election season GOP NANA. Been around a long time.

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  1. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    Hon, breaking news… Ron Popeil isn’t dead!

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