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Air Crafts Heating and Air owner Kelly Hernandez.

We highly recommend using a product called MICROPURE Total Home Active Air Purifier (MX4).   This product actively cleans the air like nothing else can.  It uses a unique new indoor air quality process to naturally produce airborne scrubbers that actively seek out and destroy viruses, indoor pollutants in the air, on surfaces, and wherever the air goes.

Features:  Eliminates pollutants in the air and surfaces, eliminates bacteria, mold, viruses, mildews, smoke, odors and more.    This product can be installed with any AC system.  

This product was developed with NASA Technology for the International Space Station and produces negatively and positively charged air scrubbers naturally that attract contaminants like a magnet and eliminates them. 

This product works 24/7 in every room of the home as long as the proper accessories are installed.    Pollutants are safety and effectively destroyed even when they have not passed directly through the HVAC system!  

Most indoor air purification systems are effective in reducing airborne contaminants.   The Micro Pure Air Purifier takes the next step in whole house purification and is proven effective in reducing contaminants on surfaces as well.   ( for lab results)

The Micropure air scrubbers attract pollutants like a magnet.  Even in areas of your home that have reduced air flow, air scrubbers are still able to seek out and eliminate contaminants.   This active approach is what makes this system so effective.   This product will also safely remove smoke and odors.

Contact your locally operated Air Crafts Heating & Air for additional information and pricing for this product.  760-749-3667      

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