Escondido, CA

Body of Escondido man found near Oceanside Pier

A man, who, according to police, slipped over the railing on the Oceanside Pier while trying to take a selfie, has been identified as 20-year old Paul Ventura of Escondido. He fell from the pier on May 25, about 3:30 a.m. but then slipped underwater before lifeguards could get to him.

According to the San Diego County Medical Examiner: “It was reported that on the early morning hours of 05/25/2019, the decedent accidentally fell from the Oceanside Pier into the Pacific Ocean. 911 was called and police responded to the scene along with additional agencies who attempted a rescue mission. Despite efforts by responders, the decedent submerged below the water and was unable to be located.”

Then on Monday, according to the Medical Examiner: “lifeguards observed the decedent floating in the ocean near the Oceanside Pier. Lifeguards retrieved the decedent from the water and brought him to the shore. Death was confirmed, without medical intervention, due to postmortem changes.”

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