Escondido, CA

Blue Boy Summer Camps brings eighteen Chinese kids to Escondido

A 3-week summer camp program that is building bridges between young Chinese and American children and families through cultural and community service projects

Blue Boy Summer Camps launches its first independent camp taking place June 26 – July 16. It welcomes eigh­teen 9 to 12-year-old Chinese children and three Chinese teachers to the Es­condido community.

Blue Boy Summer Camps is a unique program that caters to young international students. Its mission is to immerse them in a rich American cultural environment. It also provides them with many opportunities to build lifelong relationships locally with Americans through community ser­vice projects.

These projects include cultural per­formances in Escondido, preparing meals with Interfaith, visiting Mead­owbrook

Retirement Community, and engaging in a beach clean up, recy­cling projects, and more.

Blue Boy Summer Camps partners with Grace Christian School’s Sum­mer Camp program. Grace’s Ameri­can campers and the eighteen Chinese campers will have many opportunities to build friendships through games, activities, and outings.

Founder Noah Vogelsang graduated from Escondido High School and the University of Virginia. He has returned to his hometown after living and work­ing in China for 10 years.

For more information, email or call 760- 807-2081.

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