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BioFridge medical refrigeration devices launches new website

Escondido-based BioFridge Inc., a leader in portable medical refrigeration, has recently launched its new website which can be found at

The company’s medical refrigeration products were developed to address concerns with poor medical cold storage within labs, medical facilities, universities, blood banks and more. These devices allow for the safe storage of plasma and red blood cells.

BioFridge has been in business for over 20 years with their original unit still in service today. Their clients vary around the world from universities, diabetes clinics, medical labs, immunization clinics, and state and county health departments.

The company’s new website provides useful information to help visitors make more educated decisions when shopping for a medical refrigeration solution. Guests can compare different BioFridge units to better understand which device meets their departmental and/or facilities needs. BioFridge medical device owners can download their units manual(s) online at or find additional fridge benefit information at

The companies mission statement holds true with each and every unit manufactured and sold: “…to stay committed to manufacturing the most efficient and reliable biomedical cold storage devices for the medical and scientific community, incorporate the precise needs of the industry, and remain an integral part of providing essential healthcare.”

Visitors can view images of each refrigerator model on the new website along with accessories, maintenance schedules, features and other information. There are several medical refrigeration manufacturers on the market but none bring the quality, reliability, safety and performance of a BioFridge device.

For more information you can visit BioFridge online at or call them directly at 760-233-8847.

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