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Bike Path Clean-Up Day to be held June 16

June 16 Escondido Shines will hold a Bike Path Clean-Up Day from 8:30–11:30 a.m. Everyone who wants to participate in beautifying the community a little bit will meet at the bike path entrance on Quince Avenue.

That same day James the “Path Angel,” who has been escorting a bicyclist through a potentially dangerous section of bike path, will be honored with a new bike. But ONLY if the Go Fund Me effort raises enough money in time.

Escondido resident Michele Taylor is passionate about riding the bicycle path.  Each day she rides her bike to and from work.  Unfortunately, she has had a few dangerous encounters with riff-raff on the bike path.  She attempted to detour her route and instead, ride the main city streets. But she didn’t feel safe on the main streets due to all the traffic.  

According to Melissa Navarrete of Escondido Shines “Taylor reached out to law enforcement who have been very supportive in coming out to chase away any illegal activity during her rides.  In addition, she posted on social media with hopes of encouraging others to ride the bike path.  She thought that the more people who ride the path, the better the path will be; and the less riff-raff will come.”

Unfortunately, she was accosted on more than one occasion on this path and one particular day, there were a group of roughnecks gathered around and over the path which blocked the path.  

Navarrete told The Times-Advocate, “She asked a gentleman, James, who was also on the path if he could escort her across that area.  This gentleman happens to be an Air Force Veteran and now each day, rides with her through that same area.  She affectionately named him her ‘Path Angel.’ ”  

Meanwhile, Michelle Taylor was so touched by James that she is hoping to raise enough money from community members to buy him a new bike and would like to present it to him on June 16 as the group begin our Bike Path Clean-Up.

If you would like to help buy James a new bike, the Go-FundMe link is here: 

Escondido Shines is also spreading the word for the 2nd Annual “Escondido’s Got Talent” show. Auditions will be held on August 11 at 10 a.m.  Registrants will be given additional details after they register online through the website.  

The Talent Show will be hel on August 27 at 5 p.m. in the Kit Carson Amphitheatre. 

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