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Batteries Plus looking to open in Escondido

Batteries Plus is looking to open a new store like this in the Escondido market.

Batteries Plus Bulbs is looking to expand its franchise network into Escondido, according to its Vice President of Franchise Development John Twist.

This is a good opportunity for an entrepreneurial type investor, says Twist, especially since the company is willing to give support to help in getting a franchise off the ground.   

“Escondido and really all the county holds great interest for us,” Twist told the Times-Advocate. “This area is one of the few remaining areas we haven’t fully penetrated.”

There WAS a Batteries Plus store in Escondido on Valley Parkway for several years, but it consolidated to Vista.  So Escondido remains a fertile ground for such a store, said Twist.  

“We’re really interested in developing to take advantage of the thick population. We serve business and regular people and wholesale distributors. With the energy awareness of California, the fact that we are in renewable energy and the whole LED wave is a big plus. This area really fits our business model.”

Batteries Plus does LED lights, performs Smartphone repairs and repairs other platform such as iPods. “All those personal things like buttons and broken windows we repair right in the store,” said Twist. “We just added a new line of programable key fobs. We provide replacement fobs right in our store at a third of the price of a dealer.”

Batteries plus is not looking for a specific location for its next store, but for a person interested in opening a franchise.  “We don’t specifically locate site,” said Twist. “We identify markets and talk to people who would like to operate a business like that. We help to locate stores in markets.”

Twisted added, “There is a great opportunity to operate a business like this. We have a very aggressive incentive support program to open a store and ramp up quickly to get to profitability quickly. We are willing to support the new owner financially to help them stabilize the business more quickly.”  It still requires a “definite investment” on the part of the franchisee. “But we help subsidize operating costs during the ramp up period.”

Batteries Plus is a business largely immune to economic fluctuations. “We have been around for thirty years,” said Twist. “We grow and expand as a needs base business that seems to be unaffected by any economic condition. Businesses needs it, people need it and we are positioned to provide it.”

He concluded, “People come in our stores with a problem and they leave with their problems solved. You walk in and leave with the problem fixed.”

If you are interested in becoming a Batteries Plus franchisee visit the website and read the information  or call  866-855-8577.

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