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Bates is going to the dogs June 16

Hundreds of dogs will converge on Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center to compete in all types of events on Thursday, June 16, – Sunday June 19. Meet some of AKC’s breeds and talk to responsible breeders.
It’s the Bahia Sur Kennel Club’s 48th annual AKC licensed Show and Trial. Hundreds of dogs will compete for the Best In Show, High In Trial, Best 4-6 Month Old Puppy and Best Junior Handler!
Pee wee competition, obedience and rally trials are also offered.
“We are delighted to welcome spectators back to Bahia Sur’s annual Nut Farm Classic in Valley Center,” said Gene Mills, Show Chair of Bahia Sur Kennel Club. “Not only is this a fun activity for families but it is the perfect place to talk to breed experts about topics such as training, grooming and the right breed for your lifestyle. An AKC dog show is also a great place to start your search for a responsible breeder.”
The 4-6 month old puppy competition is a special event. For most puppies it is their first time in the ring and almost anything can happen! The Pee Wee Special Attraction is a pre-Junior Showmanship class. The Pee Wee class is geared toward children 5 to under 9 years of age at all shows offering Pee Wee.
Each Pee Wee unit consists of the child, his/her parent/guardian/responsible adult, and the dog. Only one Pee Wee unit is in the ring at a time. This not a competitive class, but rather a fun, learning experience for the child and the adult.
Admission is free, there is a parking fee. Organizers said, “As much as we love your family dog, we ask that you leave him or her home. Dog shows are very busy and Bahia Sur wants to make sure this is a fun and safe family event.”
The show hours start at 8 a.m. every day.
For more information, visit Jack Bradshaw Dog Show Superintendent:

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