Escondido, CA

Autistic man a victim of hit and run

A young autistic man suffered broken bones and bruises Thursday morning when he was struck by a car and left injured in the street by the driver of the vehicle.

The man, Bobby Walker, was later hospitalized at Palomar Medical Center for surgery was later released on Saturday. His arm was broken in two places and he required stitches for a gash over his eye.

The hit and run occurred about 8:14 a.m. at the corner of South Juniper Street and 10th Avenue.

The victim, despite his autism, uses the Escondido bus system to get around the city without assistance. He was crossing the street to the bus stop when he was hit by what Escondido police describe as being a silver or dark gray 2000 Nissan sedan. The car hit him and then the driver drove away with stopping to help. The injuries are consistent with Walker having been hit by the windshield and then rolling over the top of the vehicle and onto the road.

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