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Ask the Vet – Tis the Season for Fleas

Dr. David Knox

Actually, every season is flea season in San Diego County. Fleas can live and reproduce in temperatures ranging from 55-95 degrees and love it in about 70% humidity. That makes San Diego County a perfect environment for fleas to live and thrive. Heck, isn’t that why we all live here? I, literally, see fleas on pets all 12 months of the year.

Those little fellows can create quite an expensive and at times life threatening health issue for your pets if you aren’t paying attention. So, what’s the best flea control product? That’s a tough one. The landscape of flea control is evolving and improving almost yearly. However, a general rule of thumb is, over-the-counter products are not as good as products you purchase through your vet. While this may sound a bit self-serving, believe me it isn’t. I’d tell you if it was. The reason that your vet is the right place to get your flea control is because we have a vested interest in the product working as described. Everything we work for is to help preserve the health of your pets. Big box stores (you know the ones) and large pet stores have a vested interest in selling product. Do vets sell product? Of course, but it’s not our main interest, drive, or focus.

There are several reasons to buy your flea control products through your vet.

We only sell what we know works.

If it doesn’t work we have the expertise to help solve the problem.

If your pet has an adverse reaction to the product we have avenues to help with that as well as the manufacturer’s backing of the product. If you purchase a veterinary exclusive product from an OTC source or an internet source and you have a problem with the product, you’re stuck with the product and the medical bills associated with the issue.

Talk to your vet folks! We’re here to help. It’s what we do.


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