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April Pugh is running, ‘to motivate and to encourage positive change

April Austin Pugh is running for the 4th District seat whose current incumbent is Mike Morasco.

“I am running,” says Pugh, “because I think it’s time for a change. We live in a society where it’s ever changing and we have to go with the flow and come with new stuff every day—and we have to adapt to survive.”

She does that in her line of work. She is the owner of Complete Package Personal Fitness, Inc.

“Being a fitness professional I have to motivate,” she told The Times-Advocate. “We need a healthier society, both personally, economically and for business growth. Because small businesses are suffering,  we need to give them a helping hand.”

She received her BA in Political Science at Oklahoma State University. Her first two years were spent at Palomar College. From there she went USD to obtain a Para Legal certificate. “At that point in my life I went into the legal field for many years,” she said. “But my passion has always been working with athletes and fitness. That is when I took the risk, quit my job and opened up a fitness company.”

Pugh’s community involvement runs deep. She was involved 12 years with Escondido Youth Baseball as president/volunteer. During her time there they successfully held Home RUN for Chelsea King and managed over 500 families. “I have volunteered hundreds of hours helping the young athletes of San Pasqual High School to be better prepared not only on the field but in life. I was a volunteer coach at Escondido Girls Softball,” she said. 

“I see what that can do and how it impacts people and I want to take it to the next step. I’m a people person by profession and any way that I can help someone I’m going to help someone.”

There are a lot of issues, she says, “We need to tackle them one at a time. Two are budgets and small business. We need to grow,” she said. “We need to strengthen the health of our city and bring balance. We have to recover, rebuild and then rejoice.”

Listening is also important. “Listen to how we can make society better for people as a whole. We live in a city, we need to get along and learn to be better humans. Improve the quality of life for everybody. It’s tough out there in the real world. We need to help people when they fall down. To pick them up and encourage positive change.”

Getting into specifics, she added, “We have to help our small businesses. The opening and closing, people can’t survive on that. We have to have a solid plan for the reopening and help them out. Help the mom and pop shops to survive because they are the backbone of our city.”

Why should voters pick her, rather than another? “Because I’m a motivator. I encourage positive change, I adapt to society and roll to changes and I bring a fresh set of eyes to the vision that we see in this world. I hate to use the term ‘new normal,’ but we see that a lot. To move forward in the ever changing world,” she said. “As a small business owner I know what it takes to survive in this world and adapt for positive change.”

One thing she is not, she says, “is a typical politician. I’m always positive and I want to motivate people to do better. I bring an insight that is very unique and I think we can move the city forward in a positive and uplifting manner.”

If she were to encounter one of her constituents, she wouldn’t talk about politics. “I would be a normal human being and ask about them. Ask them how they are doing. When I ask that I always mean it. I’m living the dream. I’ve cheated death three times, and every day is a blessing. Any way I can help someone, I’m going to pick them up. I’ve stopped two suicides and I know people are struggling. I believe I have a unique way and perspective that can move our city forward in a positive manner.”

She adds, “If you want change, vote for me. I encourage people to register. Change can happen with a vote. You have choices and I hope the choice is for me, because we are Escondido Strong!”

She plans on knocking on doors. “I’m doing this grassroots and not asking for any money. People are struggling and they should keep their money. I will be knocking on doors. I’m not afraid of COVID. I wash my hands and wear my masks and I want to see what people have to say.”

You can connect with April Pugh by visiting her website:, call her at 760-497-5171 or email  She says, “I will always answer my phone and I will always talk to people. I’m always available and always ready to listen.”

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