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Another TP shortage

Ed Gallo Speaks

A few weeks ago I wrote an article that I thought would be the last report regarding COVID-19. As soon as San Diego County was moved a notch from Red to Purple the hoarders hit the food markets en masse. 

A few days ago I went into the local Von’s and the toilet paper section was totally wiped out. However, in a couple of days there was a somewhat ample supply. But really folks, do you believe there will not be any TP available for the next few months? C’mon. I only have four twelve packs do you think that is enough? Big smile here.

As it turns out, I must continue to address the confusion that continues with following protocols designed to keep us safe. Guess what? There is still no continuity among retailers as to how to administer said protocols. Case in point. When I went to Trader Joe’s, a clerk was at the door allowing people in line to enter only as someone left the store and I could not bring in my own bag. Somehow the virus can be transmitted through the use of plastic bags. When I went to Sprouts, the same issue—with limited numbers of customers allowed. A bag was not an issue for me as I was only going to purchase a few items.

When I went to Von’s, however there was no limitation of customers and I could use my own bag. If I used self-checkout, which I prefer, no problem—but if I went to the regular check stand with my own bag I had to bag my own groceries. No problem there since my first tax paying job was shagging carts and bagging groceries. Still got it. I will say all markets required a mask and maintaining a six foot separation which I agree is the smart, safe thing to do. Oh, I do believe we are disinfecting ourselves into weaker immune systems, which could lead to future medical issues.

Another victim of CV-19 is the Pioneer Room Calendar, which has monthly photos from the archives showing the past history of Escondido. I have enjoyed the pictorial history for years. Due to the pandemic they were unable to produce the 2021 calendar but thank you Escondido History Center for producing next year’s calendar using photos from retired long time T-A photographer Dan Rios. I had the pleasure of meeting Dan at numerous events. In 2014 while campaigning door to door I turned into Thomas Way and immediately spotted the easily recognizable tri-colored van in his driveway.

Did you read where prisoners in California penal institutions were collecting unemployment benefits? At first blush it seems absurd but then I got to thinking some sharp lawyer could argue in their defense that they are in fact unemployed and if they had paid into unemployment while working, I’m surmising here, would they not be entitled to collect the benefits into which they paid? Given the direction this state is going, the argument sounds almost plausible. Question: where is the oversight?

Well folks, the Christmas season is officially here. You only need to go to the corner of Juniper and Valley Parkway to see a huge announcement. Yes, the Joor Muffler Santa Claus is replete in his red outfit standing at the ready for selfies and posed photos. Perhaps a sign should be posted at Kalmia warning motorists that there might be someone standing in the street to capture the fullness of one of Escondido’s iconic structures. Thank you again to the Manning and Guillen families for continuing the tradition after years of absence of the biggest and healthy looking Santa in the county.

Here is a quote from Henrik Ibsen, poet and playwright and author of “Hedda Gabler”: “Money may be the husk of many things but not the kernel. It brings you food, but not appetite; medicine but not health; acquaintance but not friends; servants, but not loyalty; days of joy, but not peace or happiness.”

Some people have given me personalized plates but I do not report on family names or who loves who and this week I give you, JSSAYUN, self-explanatory and one from a Realtor I know FORSOLD.  Stay well.

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  1. Stein says:

    “A few days ago I went into the local Von’s and the toilet paper section was totally wiped out”.

    No pun intended 🙂

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