Escondido, CA

Annual State of the City address to be Feb. 26 at the Center

The annual State of the City address, when the accomplishments of the city, its staff and its citizens are highlighted, will be held Wednesday, February 26  in the Conference Center of the California Center for the Arts beginning with networking and coffee at 7:30 a.m. followed by the free program at 8 a.m.


– 7:30am Networking & Coffee

– 8:00am Program starts

– 9:00am Program ends

The Times-Advocate spoke with Mayor Paul McNamara about how the event will be a little different than in the past. Starting with being much more inclusive and much less exclusive.

There will not be a breakfast before the event, as in the past. Instead there will just be coffee and networking, or as the mayor phrased it, “ ‘milk and cookies,’ come in and take a seat and hear the presentation.”

People who might be intimidated by a room full tables with clean white tablecloths might be more likely to saunter in and take a seat. And it is intended for the everyone, not just people who can spring for a good breakfast. 

“It will be a lot like last year,” said Mayor Mac. “It will continue the theme of agriculture and what that brings to the city. I want to showcase what the city has done, and the staff and what the people in the city are doing and how we are working together as a community. And share with the audience what we think the next step is. We are keeping the theme consistent with last year.”

He added, “I don’t see it as that big of a change except for the menu. The idea is to get more people in there and not give the impression that you need to be a member of something. You are a are member of the city, come in and hear what we have to say.”

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