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Annual clean-up effort this Saturday

Get your photo on the front page

Get your picture on the front page of the Times-Advocate, AND win some other prizes when you take part in this Saturday’s 15th annual Creek to Bay Clean-up, a partnership of Escondido Shines and I Love a Clean San Diego (ILACSD.) The clean-up goes from 9 a.m.-noon.

Anyone can participate in Saturday’s clean-up, as Vaughn North, founder of Escondido Shines told The Times-Advocate. And anyone can turn in the prize-winning photo of them with an Escondido Shines bag doing some clean-up.  At the very least the winner of the photo contest will get $100 and, depending on what donations we get this week, we hope will get a little more.

North said, “I have been trying to get residents to take their own initiative and do their own little Escondido Shines project.  All the fire stations have Shine bags for residents to pick up.  They go directly to the station, pick up their bags and work in their neighborhood or at their own house.

“To give them an incentive to do this, there is a prize of $100 to the winner of a photo contest.  They take a picture of the Escondido Shines activity and submit it to the newspaper for judging,” said North.  Escondido Shines will provide the judge.

The newspaper will get a unique story and image and we also get more members of the community involved. It’s a win-win.

We would also like to start a new tradition, a tradition of honking twice (thank you) to someone who you see doing community service. So remember: Honk! Honk!

Of course, the clean-up effort takes place from Escondido to the coast, but Escondido Shines and local volunteers will be concentrating their efforts at Harmony Grove, Grape Day and Mountain View Parks, Dixon Lake, Lake Hodges, Elfin Forest and Reidy Creek.

The clean-up day occurs on Earth Day and typically volunteers include your neighbors, people from your schools, local businesses and churches. Shine bags (to put the trash in, or otherwise employ usefully) will be available at the fire stations in the neighborhoods where the clean-ups occur.

Escondido Shines was started by Rotary in 2015 with Vaughn North as the point man, spokesman and cheerleader for the program, which seeks to instill a sense of pride in Escondido residents. “Escondido Shines is an invitation to all the community to enhance community spirit,” said North. Shines’s motto is “Serve, Salute, Celebrate.” Last year Escondido Shines earned the Community Service Award during the State of the City observance.

Reidy Creek was only recently added to the list due to it being in a “protected environment,” which meant that the approval to clean it was a lengthy one. That clean-up effort will commence on the day of the event will be from 8 am to 9 am at the front entrance of the Police and Fire Department at 1163 N Centre City Pkwy.

Register to participate at or ILLCSD.  You can also register at

North Coast Church is bringing 1000 members to do the Kit Carson park the following week from North County.

Other upcoming Escondido Shines events will be the memorial Weekend Band Concert on May 27, Rotary Summer Family Movies at Grape Day Park and Patio Playhouse musicals at Kit Carson Amphitheater in July and August.

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