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Kudos, fist pumps, high fives and attaboys to all the mail carriers who have lugged thousands of political mailers and stuffed our mail boxes over the past month. My gosh, it seems almost every day I received at a minimum three mailers from every campaign be it for a candidate for office or the measures that are on the ballot for the Primary Election. March 3, 2020 cannot come soon enough.

To put the size of the mail pieces into perspective, in my first campaign in 2000 direct mail pieces were 5 ½ inch by 8 ½ inch and in two more campaigns. This year the mailers are 12×9 inch and 14×9 inch and one I received was even larger it almost had to be folded to fit in the mail box. Can you imagine lugging all those mail pieces in addition to the regular mail? Carriers who serve single family homes have to fill their bags with all the mail going door to door. No doubt, all the postal workers can’t wait for March 3 either and breathe a sigh of relief.

The past two days I have watched programs on ESPN recounting the “Miracle On Ice” that happened in February 1980. Hard to believe it has been forty years since that incredible hockey game at Lake Placid, New Jersey between the USA and the USSR teams. And that was a medal round game not the Gold Medal game. The reason why we remember that game is the comment from Al Michaels “Do you believe in miracles? Yes.” Final score USA 4 USSR 3. What is really interesting is the Soviets had 39 shots on goal and the Americans only 10. USA goalie Jim Craig deserves high praise for blocking 36.

Oh, remember when the Every Sport Possible Network began? They pretty much had every sport possible on TV. So many interesting sports worldwide until they focused more on football, basketball and baseball and then the Olympics both winter and summer. Miss the rock rolling in Ireland and the ever exciting curling. By the way, if you like curling you can go to the Ice-O-Plex on Spruce St. to watch in person. I’ve been there; wear a jacket as it’s cold.

Speaking of well-known comments and slogans I recall these. “Remember the Alamo,” “Remember the Maine,” “Buy Bonds,” “Loose Lips Sink Ships,” “The Buck Stops Here” and one that I wish we could take seriously again “Ask not what your country can do for you…ask what you can do for your country.” Not going to get into campaign slogans

Continuing this eclectic column, while tending to some household chores I had my TV tuned into a Classic Country channel. As I heard true country music I thought about how many cities in Texas are mentioned in song. Here you go. Houston, Galveston, El Paso, Austin. Lubbock, Luckenbach, Amarillo, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Corpus Christi Bay, Laredo and a real classic ‘I’m a Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas” which could be the most forgettable. No other state, and perhaps no other country has more cities cited in song.

Darn it. Hated to listen to San Diego State lose a game to a mediocre team in a weak conference on their home court no less. As a result of this they have dropped in the national rankings from number 4 to number 5 but may still be a number one seed for March Madness. What is interesting is that it may bode well for the Aztecs to drop to a number two seed thereby assuring them of playing the early rounds on the West Coast. As a number one they go East. Viejas Arena was rocking at the end of the game when the Aztecs almost pulled out a win after being down by 14 points earlier.

Saw this on the tailgate of a pickup: “Sorry for driving so close in front of you.” And this week’s personalized plate, LDY GMBL On the way to Harrah’s?

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