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An abbreviated column this week


Do you think we will ever get back to using whole words again? We are using more and more acronyms and abbreviations especially since the appearance of the so-called “social media,” which in my opinion is more anti-social. 

As is true all the time, the more conveniences we desire or are shoved down our throats the more personal freedom we have to surrender. The internet itself is the biggest example of convenience vs freedom and filled with abbreviations like “lol.”

The past few decades we have been bombarded with such beauties as loflmao in addition to lol and a host of others that makes one older than 16 have to really think about the meaning. You talk to any kid and they know all the mini-language terms. We use letters instead of words such as u instead of you. Oh yeah I can hear the millennials say okay boomer what about KISS. The difference in assume is that it is not an acronym as a different definition came long after the word itself. Pretty sure about that.

However, my main reason for these comments are the acronyms in use today. I believe the first acronym may have been the UK for United Kingdom. My gosh, I hear them constantly especially in commercials for the plethora of drugs being hawked on TV. I wonder how many medical doctors can actually know every drug or disease acronym. The ones that really get to me reference our federal government. Journalists do not refer to the President as in the United States of America. That office a few years ago has been referred to as the POTUS.

Then journalists, I guess they are still referred to as journalists regardless of what they print or say, refer to the Supreme Court of the United States as SCOTUS. But, the one that really got to me was when I saw FLOTUS. I looked at it and thought what the hey is that? After much head scratching I realized it was the First Lady of the United States. Can’t we still offer the respect that high offices deserve and spell out the title.? We are in such a time saving mode about everything with the goal of what? Example: if you are going to be 5 minutes late for a meeting will it make any difference if you stop at that red light and be 7 minutes late?

So I now offer two new acronyms for our local governments. How about MOECA or SOSDCO. That would be the Mayor of Escondido CA and Supervisor of San Diego County. Okay, the second one doesn’t roll of the tongue as smoothly but why not use it? And I suppose just hearing MOECA one might confuse it with a coffee beverage one which I do not believe I have ever consumed. Pumpkin spice oh yeah but mocha, no. BTW, how about ASAP or AWOL FYI, oh no another one, I am not a journalist. Although, I was a solid B student in English.

Here is something interesting I found in the Business section of the U-T regarding the economic impact of the current pandemic. Oh, yet another acronym COVID19. Page one, “Demand for luxury goods rising.” Turn to page 2 and the topic is “Can luxury fashion regain luster?” I have said numerous times in the past that when four economists are asked a business question in the U-T inevitably the answers will be two yes and two no. Everyone reading this column can offer as good an opinion

Did you know you can buy rain barrels through the County? You will use less purchased water for lawn and gardens which reminded me of an event a few years ago in another town I believe in Northern California or NOR CAL. A resident was fined by his city for collecting rain water which is destined to flow into creeks, streams and habitat areas. By collecting the water he was contributing to the decline of our ecosystem. True story. Yes I know it is hard to believe…or is it?

Every week I post personalized license plates which is another class of acronyms. Some take extra effort to discern the meaning but I can usually guess most. How about WHO DATT probably someone from Louisiana? BOO4KO, I have no idea. TIFN, that’s it for now.

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