Escondido, CA

Amerindian Musician, Alexandro Querevalú, to Perform Live in Escondido, California

Musician and artist, Alexandro Querevalú, will perform at California Center for the Arts, Saturday, September 5. The live performance will begin at 7:30 p.m..
Amerindian is a collective noun which includes Apache, Lakota, Quechua, Aymara, Mapuche, Bora, Aztec, Maya, Guarani, and more – “We are all brothers,” said Querevalú.
Born in Peru, Querevalú has been thrilling audiences around the world with his unique Amerindian music. He’s best-known for his rendition of the song “The Last of the Mohicans,” composed by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman for the film of the same name. The musician’s interpretation has made people around the world weep with its breathtaking beauty and eloquence.
Querevalú is a social media success story with more than 1 million likes on Facebook. His YouTube videos have garnered more than 28 million views and he has more than 380,000 subscribers. The artist has performed at the Adventure of Humanity & World Peace Night 2017, a charity event launched by Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela.
His music is by turns haunting and ethereal, with the ability to make the emotions soar. His playful woodwinds take listeners on a jaunty path of joyful discovery, punctuated by his rich, powerful voice. His live performances feature traditional Amerindian instruments and different American Indian regalia that are breathtaking in their scope and detail. Performances include Amerindian music from North and South America.
An accomplished musician, he plays a variety of indigenous wind instruments including the quena, quenacho, antara, basto zampoña, and malta zampoña. Querevalú has performed with some of the most famous and influential artists in Peru, Poland, Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic. His tours span the world, from China to Kuwait.
The September 5, 2018 performance in Escondido by Alexandro Querevalú provides music lovers with an opportunity to experience magical music that touches the soul. His powerful voice, artistic skill and distinctive style combine for a unique experience for the senses that transports listeners and will linger in the heart long after the music has gone silent.

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