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Air purifiers are a weapon against COVID-19

Air purifiers are a potent weapon in the fight against the Coronavirus.  One of the technologies used in air purifiers is “ionization.”

The Times-Advocate spoke with Kelly Hernandez, president of Air Crafts Heating & Air Conditioning in Valley Center, who explained, “Both of the Air Purifiers that we currently install (the MX4 and the IWave) use ‘Ionization.’ ”

She added, “We offer those on each new installation that we quote.   Our technicians also discuss these with customers with service calls when they feel like it is appropriate and customers have purchased at that time as well.”

The MX4 is installed in the sheet metal plenum of the system. The IWave is installed in the return air grill.   “They both do the same thing, but depending on the situation at each home, we then determine which product would be best to install,” said Hernandez.

They also have these available for ductless “mini split” units. “We have not installed one yet, but will be offering those as well from now on,” she said. 

To find out more, call Air Crafts at (760) 749-3667.

Visit them at 28477 Lizard Rocks Rd, Valley Center.

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