Escondido, CA

After city council loss ECCHO holds strategy meeting

After the Escondido City Council ruled against them and voted 3-2 in favor of the “Villages” development proposed by New Urban West Inc. (NUWI) members of ECCHO (Escondido Country Club Home Owners) held a strategy meeting on November 28.

The question before the group was “what’s next?”

Three options were discussed:

1. REFERENDUM: Within 30 days of City Council decision (11/15/17) collect 7500 signatures city wide. The board determined this was an impossible task.

2. ECCHO brings suit against the City for a faulty EIR (environmental impact report.)

The ECCHO board told the membership it would not make this decision and that the community would have to decide. The board told the membership, “Our attorney estimates such a lawsuit will cost between $60,000 & $100,000 and take approximately one year. If the court determined the lawsuit has merit it would stall construction until the suit was settled or NUWI mitigated all items in the lawsuit.”

The deadline to file such a lawsuit is 12/14/17.

“In the end,” said the board, “Michael Schlesinger will continue to own the property and would undoubtedly bring another development plan to the city.”

3. Homeowners whose property adjoins the old golf course qualify to file an Equitable Servitude Lawsuit.  The board recommended that land owners interested in this option contact a land use attorney for advice.

It informed the group that Gary Vest volunteered to coordinate a group of people who wish to pursue the Equitable Servitude lawsuit avenue.

The board asked for a decision by November 30. As of this writing ECCHO has not announced any decision.

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