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Abed leads challenger McNamara in fundraising

Mayor Sam Abed leads his challenger Paul McNamara in fund-raising as the campaign leaves the starting gate. The city election is in November and will not be affected in any way by the June Primary.

Abed says his fund-raising abilities shows he is the peoples’ choice. McNamara counters that Abed is spending more time with fund-raisers than with listening to the voters.

As is always the case, the voters will decide who has the better side of the argument when they go to the polls in ten months.

Abed raised more than $117,000 for the period ending December 31, 2017, compared to his opponent who raised $32,000, of which $10,000 was his money that he loaned to his campaign. Abed also has a substantial lead over his opponent in the Mayor’s race with a cash-on-hand lead of 11 to 1.

“The strong, early financial support of my campaign is a clear endorsement of my leadership and a strong indication that the residents and businesses in Escondido appreciate the positive direction our city is headed,” said Abed. “I am humbled by the overwhelming support I continue to receive from our community, and I am passionate about continuing to serve the great people of Escondido.

Contributions as of December 31, 2017


Total Period Contributions:


Loans/Contributions from Candidate:


Total Period Expenditures:


Cash on hand



Total Period Contributions:


Loans/Contributions from Candidate:


Total Period Expenditures:


Cash on hand:


Not surprisingly, McNamara had a different take on the figures than did the Escondido mayor.

“I think there are a few points missing from Abed’s press release,” he told The Times-Advocate. “First, the focus of my campaign during this period was to listen to the needs of the city, not raise money. So, the bulk of my time was spent talking to community leaders, groups and others. And the feedback I received clearly indicates that Abed needs to spend more time listening and less time raising money. Our first fundraiser was in January 2018.”

McNamara added, “Second, the amount of money raised by Abed should be cause for concern, and set off watchdog alarm bells. With a $4,100 limit per individual compared to $500 for San Diego, and if one is willing to take money from donors outside of the city who have an interest in profiting from the city, it would not be difficult to raise that amount.”

McNamara concluded, “Third, Abed’s acceptance of monies from developers, for example, puts him on thin ice that he can vote on issues with clear independence. It is sad and telling that Abed’s press release touts his money raising ability and not his record.  Perhaps he would be willing to donate that money back to the city to compensate for the bad decisions made under his watch that cost us millions in lawsuits.

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