Escondido, CA

Abed leading in fundraising for super’s race

Sam Abed, who has challenged Third District Supervisor Dave Roberts for his seat, and also faces Encinitas Mayor Kris­tin Gaspar, is the leader of the pack in fund-raising, according to figures for the first quarter, available from the San Diego County Registrar of Voters office.

Sam Abed, mayor of Escondido led both of his opponents, posting $85,547 in 2016 monetary contributions received, compared with Roberts’s $77,655 and Gaspar’s $77,653.

The Gaspar campaign claims that be­cause Abed reduced his debt by $10,000 through a loan, that he raised $10,000 less than he did. Abed’s campaign calls this method of figuring a “cheap trick.”

The Abed campaign released a state­ment earlier this week that said, “Most important, for pundits who understand the facts, Abed has a substantial lead in “Cash- on-Hand,” a clear cash advantage to reach voters and win. After all debts are paid, Abed has a substantial $46,275 lead over Roberts (a 36% advantage) and $81,289 lead over Gaspar (an 88% advantage).”

In cash on hand, after debt, the candi­dates’ war chests are as follows, Abed, $249,130; Roberts, $127,855 and Gaspar, $92,841.

Roberts raised the most money in the full calendar year of 2015, with $275,470 (which included a $75,000 loan he made to himself). Abed raised $252,037, in­cluding the mayoral campaign funds and $85,000 that he loaned himself.

The first, and possible final round of the election will be in June. If any of the three gets more than 50% of the vote, he or she will win. If no one wins a majority, then the top vote getters will face each other in November.

We can expect to see most of those war chests expended in the next month.

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