Escondido, CA

A Ship In The Woods presents the exhibition: Wax/Wane

One of the works on exhibit at The A Ship In The Woods exhibit by Kyle Ranson.

A Ship In The Woods presents a group art exhibition and music event where color and surreal worlds will dominate the walls and corridors of A Ship In The Woods residential gallery. Featuring Artist in Residence: Kyle Ranson (Passenger #77) with guest artists Christine Shields and Walter Sutin and music performance by The Color Forty Nine. The exhibition will go on until the end of February. 

Open reception is Saturday, February 16 from 5-9 p.m. Cost is $10 Admission,  $3  Parking.

According to Lianne Mueller, co-executive director, “This show aims to bridge the chasm between conscious and unconscious in an effort to regain the whole and make friends with inner demons. The moon can inspire you, or drive you crazy.  It reflects things often hidden from view. Things we intentionally hide from ourselves and others. WAX / WANE seeks to explore this realm of dreams. The cycle  of enrichment and diminishment, death and rebirth. The moon is a lantern casting light on this shadowland. Behind this veil we can become one with ourselves, and the world around us, or go insane.”

“Imagine some anime character charging his ki as waves of plasma vaporize everything in a fifty foot radius. Throw in a Post-Impressionist sensibility and few cues from underground comics and you’ll have Kyle Ranson’s explosive brand of portraiture.”   Tyler Curtis, Juxtapoz Magazine January 2012

A Ship In The Woods is 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to engaging the community with elevated dialogues in art, science, and culture based in Escondido, California. It has supported 77 artists in residence over eight years, A Ship In The Woods artist-in-residence program supports musicians, artists, as well as arts journalists, and scientists. It is located on 2 acres of an oak grove with winding trails and a year-round creek. The upcoming exhibition will raise funds for our young artists educational program, and build support for our artist-in-residence mentorship program. 

Mueller told The Times-Advocate: “The current government shutdown has also been problematic for developing local arts organizations who rely on educational grants, making public support critical to our work and our ability to deliver educational outreach programs in the community. Please visit the SHIP, meet artists, experience engaging art, and support our work.”

The event will be held at 3007 Felicita Road, Escondido. Parking will be at Felicita County Park, 742 Clarence Ln.

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