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A passion for the game

First the Chargers left San Diego and now Philip Rivers has left the Chargers. For me, Rivers was to San Diego football that Tony Gwynn was to San Diego Padres baseball. Both quality, family men involved in the San Diego community countywide. I do not miss the Chargers since they thumbed their noses at fans who supported them for 50 years but I do miss watching Rivers give his all for his team. As you may recall, I am not the NFL fan that I once was starting with support of the NY Giants when I was living back East. Talk about a raucous fan base.

Even though I never saw the rabid fan support in San Diego as is evident in other cities, except the 1995 Super Bowl year, when the Chargers signed Rivers that was a great day. I would have liked to see Rivers end his career with the Chargers, as Gwynn did with the Padres, he still has the passion for the game and I wish him well with whatever team is fortunate enough to sign him. Also of note is former Escondido resident Eric Weddle, a very much liked Charger for many years, has hung up his cleats.

The recent news of snow in Oklahoma and Texas reminded me of the time I was snowed in visiting my wife’s aunt and uncle in Kerrville, Texas on a long way five day trip to NJ from El Paso. Kerrville is Southwest of Austin and further south than is Escondido. The day before the weather was perfect but we awoke the next morning seeing a couple inches of snow on the ground. We had to wait about four hours for the snow to melt before hitting the road since the town did not have snow removal equipment for obvious reasons. Coincidentally, it was the same day that Escondido had snow in 1967. It was an unusual weather event in the South and Southwest.

Spartacus died the other day at 103 years of age. Kirk Douglas’s death sparked a memory with my Aunt Rose. After leaving a Gershwin concert at the Hollywood Bowl and walking to Grauman’s Chinese Theater she grabbed my arm and shrieked “It’s Kirk Douglas, Kirk Douglas.” Sure enough a Rolls Royce drove slowly around the corner with him sitting in the back seat. She waved to him and he waved back. I had to tell her to calm down and let go of my arm. That made her day.

It appears that the heat is getting to Lorena Gonzales; making her re-think her position regarding AB5 perhaps realizing the shortcomings of a law that was not given too much thought. Her most recent proposal is to remove freelance writers from the list of independent contractors who would have been required to become employees if they submitted more than 35 articles per year. Becoming employees would take away the freedom of time and expression that freelancers enjoy. I haven’t worked on the clock since 1964.

In my opinion, many politicians are very much like Hollywood actors who like to keep their name in the news. Keep the name being mentioned and when election time comes around some people will vote for someone’s name that they recognize as opposed to voting for someone’s policy or proposals. Thankfully, not all politicians subscribe to this tactic.

Continuing with my observance of personalized license plates these are this week’s offerings. GODSTAR is one that I cannot determine the meaning. Obviously a religious person. This next one is probably a guy you will want to stay clear of while driving, SDMNACE with a Chargers sign below. When I saw this one I took a wide turn around his car.

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