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A new director at 2019 Miss Teen Escondido and Miss Escondido Pageant

Group shot of all of Saturday night’s contestants and contestant director Taylyr Newell (far right.) Photos by Kristin Dean

The Miss Teen Escondido and Miss Escondido Pageant was held late Saturday afternoon at the Knights of Columbus Hall on West Valley Parkway, Escondido.

Five contestants vied for the Miss Teen Escondido title: Angela Hernandez, Kendra Medlock, Lauren Prieto, Analyse Ramirez and Riley Williamson.

Three contestants were in the running for the Miss Escondido title:

Meagen Latulippe, Cynthia Lockyer and Rhandie McKinley.

The pageant judges were Bill Hoffman, Linda Cossey, Julie Brookes. Gary Atkins and Bayesa Salazar.

The competition included a personal interview before the judges, and onstage routines in casual wear and evening gowns and answering a question that was presented on stage in front of the capacity crowd of family members and pageant fans.

The judges’ scores for these activities were totaled and the young ladies with highest overall scores were crowned.

This was new pageant director Taylyr Newell’s first pageant as director. Her mom, Stephanie Newel was honored at last year’s event for her 25 years as pageant director.

In Newell’s address to the pageant audience she said “My mom was the director for twenty-five years so of course I don’t remember a point in time without the Miss Escondido Pageant.”

She added, “You would not know that these girls are competing against each other. I have never met a nicer group of contestants. They are so good to one another and I feel proud to be a part of an organization that empowers women!”

Newell thanked all of the event sponsors:

-Major sponsor Escondido Sunrise Rotary Club

-Rancho Computer Networks

-Kevin S. Svetich, CLU

-Escondido Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors

-Deon McMaster, Finely Home Designs

-Perfect Tan

-Killer Pizza from Mars

-Michelle Lockyer, Ramona Used Appliance Sales, Filippi’s Pizza Grotto, Tracey Ninneman.

Assisting Newell were pageant staff and friends Sharyn Lane, Marie Stephens, Kristin Dean, Makenna Gunter, Maddie Becker and family members Mike, Stephani and Chase Newell.

2018 Miss Teen Escondido, Anyssa Prieto was escorted by her parents David and Cristina for her final on stage walk as Miss Teen Escondido.

In her farewell address Anyssa said “Not everyone realizes that having this title is a huge honor and responsibility, you don’t win it – you earn it!”

2018 Miss Escondido. Courtney Hoffman was escorted by her parents Bill and Wendy Hoffman for her final on stage walk as Miss Escondido.

In Courtney’s farewell address she said “I am so lucky to be a part of this amazing organization. A great responsibility but also so much fun and a great way to get involved in the community and I have learned so much – Thank you!”

Special awards were announced including the People’s Choice Award. The People’s Choice award is given to the contestant who received the most votes from the audience (at one dollar per vote.) This year’s winner was Angela Hernandez.

Other special awards were presented to: Miss Congeniality Riley Williamson, Most Photogenic Lauren Prieto, High Score Interview Riley Williamson, Directors’ Award Cynthia Lockyer, Spirit Awards Rhandie McKinley and Angela Hernandez.

The judges’ decisions were announced and the appreciative crowd burst into spirited applause.

Congratulations to 2019 Miss Teen Escondido Queen, Riley Williamson and 2019 Miss Teen Escondido Princess, Analyse Ramirez. 

Congratulations to 2019 Miss Escondido Queen, Cynthia Lockyer and 2019 Miss Escondido Princesses, Meagen Latulippe and Rhandie McKinley!

It may have been Newell’s first time as pageant director but with the contestants’ flawless performances and enthusiastic crowd one would never have guessed it.


2019 MTE contestants Lauren Prieto, Princess Angela Hernandez, princess Analyse Ramirez, Queen Riley Williamson and Kendra Medlock. Photos by Kristin Dean

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  1. Gerry Glynn says:

    Great article. I felt as if I was there watching the pageant. Congratulations to Taylyr Newell.

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