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A hospital to serve the region

Every year I learn something about Escondido that I did not know. The latest is regarding a hospital to serve the residents not only of Escondido but throughout the region including Borrego Springs. Our first hospital opened in 1924 as Escondido Hospital then a newer facility was opened at 125 S. Broadway and the third edition named Palomar Hospital which opened in 1950. Now, the “old” Palomar has been replaced by state of the art Palomar Medical Center in West Escondido.

The first three facilities were located in the center of town on or just off Grand Ave. What I found interesting is the first hospital was at 143 and 145 W. Grand Avenue on the second floor with some doctor’s offices on the first floor the area now occupied by The Grand Tea Room. Perhaps owner Louisa Magoon might incorporate some of this history into the service? Conversation starter? It’s rather common knowledge that the latest occupant of the Broadway hospital was H. Johnson Furniture now owned by John Paul the Great Catholic University. Who knows what’s next.

A few years ago I suggested to the developer of the recently approved housing project, which will replace the old Palomar Hospital, and our City Manager to have perhaps the very first implosion in San Diego County rather than a bland destruction. Talk about a nationwide news item, wow. I believe my suggestion died for lack of interest.

In previous columns I talked about holiday shopping. Well folks, you only have 40 days left to shop for Easter. Everything Easter has been out for sale a few weeks and it won’t much longer when Easter goods space gets crowded with Mother’s Day items. I mean Mother’s Day is only two months away.

Being cooped up at home gives time for my mind to wander between crosswords and word finds and the other day I thought about Dixon Lake. I can’t think of any other lake whose name precedes lake. Ever say Michigan Lake? or Superior Lake?, Tahoe Lake?, Hodges Lake? or Wohlford Lake? Then I thought about Palomar Mountain. Ever hear Everest Mountain or Kilimanjaro Mountain, or Olympus Mountain? How about Whitney Mountain? Probably not.

Here’s a poser for you. How long do you think it will be before business executives and politicians will adopt the Steve Jobs dress code of T-shirts and an occasional blazer? Mark Zuckerberg continued the trend being attired like the Apple executive. They are getting close having ditched the tie wearing an open collar shirt while wearing a suit or blazer. Tossing the jacket is next then on with the t-shirt. Of course, we know what a politician is telling us when he sheds the jacket and rolls up his sleeves.

Above, I mentioned Lake Wohlford which is so named to honor one of the early leaders of the newly incorporated City of Escondido. Alvin Wohlford’s grandson Burnet “Tig” Wohlford who continued the family farming for decades died recently as a result of CV19 complications. I had the pleasure of knowing Tig and am grateful for his support for decades. At our Rotary luncheon meetings I sat with Tig and his daughter Liz and along with Delisle Calac and was the beneficiary of much of Escondido’s history and some good Escondido High School stories from fellow classmates Tig and Delisle.

In the late 1970’s at one of our Jaycees’ Distinguished Service Awards banquets, Tig’s son Burnet was honored as the Outstanding Young Farmer who continued the long tradition of the Wohlford family citrus and avocado farming. After citrus became a non-starter, the Wohlford property on E. Valley Parkway is now full of beautiful homes known as Eureka Ranch. I along with many, many North County residents will miss the affable Tig Wohlford. I can’t recall ever not seeing him with his hand extended to shake and a big smile on his face. RIP Tig.

How about SUBCAR, sandwich delivery? LADYD3, sunshine? MOG PWR? No idea.

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