Escondido, CA

A GOP challenger for mayor: school board trustee Dane White

Dane White signing paperwork to run for mayor of Escondido next year.

Dane White, a member of the Escondido Union High School District board, announced this week that he is running for mayor of Escondido in 2022. He is a Republican and a small business owner.

In his statement, released this week, White stated, “Escondido is at a crossroads. Crime is on the rise, the homeless issue isn’t improving, and small businesses continue to struggle. We need new leadership that can bring people together and get Escondido back on track.”

White continued, “I never expected to run for mayor. When I was young, I suffered from my own poor decision making. I ended up in the foster care system and was even homeless for a period of time. I overcame those obstacles, started my own business, and have been able to create a good life for my family right here in Escondido.”

He added, “I am running for Mayor to help more people who struggled like I did overcome their obstacles and embrace the opportunity of our community.”

Dane White is a fifth generation Escondido resident. According to his press release, “Dane overcame the foster care system and homelessness by learning a trade and beginning a career in construction. Working his way up, Dane eventually started his own small business that provides construction services and property management to local residents and businesses.”

He was elected to the EUHSD board in 2016. According to his release: “Throughout his term, Dane has worked to ensure fiscal responsibility, invest in campus improvements, balance the annual budget, and expand opportunities for vocational and trade education. As President of EUHSD throughout 2020, Dane was widely praised for his leadership in bringing teachers unions and parents groups together during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the support of a diverse group of seemingly divergent stakeholders, Dane was reelected by a record-setting margin in November 2020.”

White is endorsed by Deputy Mayor Mike Morasco and City Treasurer Doug Schultz. Morasco said, 

“As a school board member, Dane has shown a unique ability to bring people together and get things done for the students and families of Escondido. That’s exactly the kind of leadership we need at City Hall.”

Schultz said, “Dane understands how to make tough decisions, balance budgets and maintain fiscal responsibility. He did it on the school board and our community would be well served with his responsible leadership at City Hall.”

White previously managed a facility treating individuals suffering from addiction and mental health issues and is actively involved with his local church— helping run addiction recovery programs and assisting with youth activities.

He lives in East Escondido with his wife Kelsey, a special education teacher, and their two daughters SonnyJan and Hattie. 

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