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6th annual North County Business Expo a success, say organizers

The theme of the 6th Annual North County Business Expo, Wednesday, January 27 was “Four Pillar of Success for 2021”
The event used Connections and Visibility to bring together North County business and nonprofit professional online during COVID-19 restrictions, pivoting to a virtual Business Expo.
For four years a group of volunteers have been organizing a business expo to bring together local business professionals. They were led by David Zumaya, founder of My San Diego North County, who organized the first event seven years ago.
The event was held at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido and grew to the conference center venue for 2018, and 2019. Over 2,000 guest and businesses have attended the events with vendor exhibits and lot of business networking. All North County Chambers and their members were invited to take part of the event.
The Wednesday, January 27 event was hosted on Zoom with 96 attendees from all regions of North County.
It had four featured presenter (15 minutes each) and five networking breakout sessions 95 x15 minutes) from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Zumaya told The Times-Advocate, “With all the positive feedback we are already planning the next Business Expo event for September. We have a new event for May, an online Health Expo. Details will be coming soon on our Social Media channels and website.”
He added, “We are proud to have 13,000 followers on our social media channels. Make sure to follow us online with Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Video replays from the event on YouTube at
Comments of some attendees included this from Juan Velasco, CEO of “Speaking at the 6th Annual North County Expo was an amazing experience. The attendees were very engaging and during the breakout session, I was able to make many very valuable connections that have resulted in some very valuable relationships for my business. Amazing experience and look forward to the next expo.”
Ramon Salinas of Pin Point Local, added, “It’s my second time attending the North County Business Expo and I’m very happy to see great local events organized even during these difficult times. The speakers delivered so much value in their presentations and it’s always satisfying to see local business & community leaders giving back and sharing their vast knowledge. The breakout groups were a great chance to meet new people and make new connections. Already I have several Zoom calls business appointments scheduled to learn more about their story and businesses.”
Michael Shelby, producer of Thrive Right Cons, commented, “It was more than educational and informative. With the four speakers who presented, it was like a mastermind session. Plus, during the breakout rooms I had the opportunity to make three very good connections, one of whom I met with yesterday and the other two I will be meeting with next week, and I expect at least two of them to become new clients and the third to become a power partner for referrals.”
Brad Thorp, co-founder and CEO of Mitchell Thorp Foundation, added, “As an attendee of the North County Business Expo for the Mitchell Thorp Foundation we were able to make new connections that will provide support to the many children and families we help each day.”
Shonna L. Jordan, producer MEGA BOOM 2021 said, “Although being online is just not the same as in person (and I can’t WAIT till that happens again) My San Diego North County, all the sponsors of the event and the presenters did an AMAZING job of bringing together professionals for an afternoon of networking and education online/virtually! Kudos!”
Speakers included David Zumaya, MySDNC & Griselda Beck, Latino Boss Coach. They were followed by Juan Velasco of Scale My Profits. Marcy Browe of Marcy Browe Photography spoke about branding. Bryan Fibel, of the Law Office of Bryan Fibel, spoke about legal issues. Debba Sweet of Thrive Right Consulting, spoke on networking.

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