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Mostly clear

5 COVID-19 cases in Escondido

According to a new data source available from the County of San Diego, it is now possible to see how many cases of the COVID-19 are in each community.

As of Monday evening, there were five cases of the outbreak in Escondido. That compares to the overall total of 230 confirmed cases in San Diego County since February 14. Of those cases, one person has died.

Those interested in following such data can visit San Diego County’s website: click here


29 responses to “5 COVID-19 cases in Escondido”

  1. Debra says:

    Social distancing must be enforced

  2. Heather says:

    This is fear mongering. In SD county in 2019-20, 19903 people were diagnosed with the flu and 93 people died. That’s a mortality rate of 0.4%. Nobody batted an eye. 1 person has died of Coronavirus out of 230 people. That is the same mortality rate.

    • Joseph Cordero says:

      I agree but right now, we can’t get folks to understand that much less, accept. We don’t think clearly when we’re scared and that’s what’s happening.

      • Harry says:

        Now do you two feel like fools? Is this just like the flu now? When you get the flu are you put on ventilators? Do 800 New Yorkers die in one day? There’s no “accepting” your argument because it is illogical, does not take into pandemics, and has been explained multiple times — by doctors — that this is more than a flu.

    • SusanE says:

      maybe the rates are lower because of the precautions.

  3. Diane Tells His Name says:

    Check me on this but the person who died was a San Diego “resident” who passed away in a hospital in Santa Clarita? He had returned from a vacation in Hawaii and fell ill and was not in San Diego before if during his illness.

  4. Phil pugh says:

    What area of Escondido?

  5. Why doesn’t Escondido get the old Palomar hospital ready, the piping for oxygen is
    already in each room.not sure about beds.

  6. Its still gonna spread if drive thru food services are open cause people touching the bags or money and your less than 3 feet from each other also liquor stores AMPM n 711 stores and mexican market or stores Its still gonna spread slowly but surely un less everybody and places are completely locked down or isolated for 3 weeks that could help wipe out the virus if not mankind will be taken over Biggest problems are the prisons jails and releasing them its gonna create a mess like the AB109 paroles releases what happened that didnt help too much cause there was more problems

    • Common sense says:

      Fast food restaurants should be practicing food handling protocols and I’m sure new health safety regimes. Yes making your own food is probably the best but getting food from the grocery store is about the same as getting food from a restaurant. All containers and bags that have been handled by grocery or food service personnel can be disposed of. The food inside can be washed our microwaved too remove germs. And, As long as you wash your hands diligently before handling and after, you should avoid contamination, if any exist.

  7. Can people walk where there are not any people? My husband and I walk as a form of exercise but are concerned whether we should or not.

    • Deborah says:

      It should be perfectly safe to go for a walk out in the open. Guidelines have okayed that specifically. Just wear a mask, which is now strongly suggested, if not made a must-do by now. Don’t pick up anything, like recyclables or trash. Use common sense; just in case, don’t touch your face while out & wash your hands as soon as you get home.

  8. Sherri Morphis says:

    In the County chart of COVID-19 cases, where does the area of Hidden Meadows fall? We are considered county.
    Thank you!

  9. I am concerned about the lack of infection control being provided to employees and customers at stores that remain open. My sons both are working in customer service and when returning home are in direct contact with young children and older adults. No masks are provided and there is no barrier at checkout. My oldest son works at a grocery store. He was discouraged from wearing a mask and told it would scare the customers. My second son works at an Auto Store, there is no barrier, customers come within 2 feet when checking out. I have emailed and called both companies and am told there is no infection control measures being taking. As the numbers of infected grows it does not appear those that come in contacted with their families are being protected.

    • Laura Carstoiu says:

      I am afraid to go get groceries anywhere. There is no consistent protocol for stores. A worker at Albertsons now has the virus. I’d like to see all staff wearing masks and gloves. That is a lot less scary. I heard you can’t bring your own bags anymore. Where’s the new Gov? He should be taking charge of this situation. Drive through at Starbucks, girl had no gloves on but said she wasn’t allowed to touch my atm card! That’s what l mean. Nothing feels safe out there, yet l need to go shopping sooner or later. What abouf laundromats? Are they sanitized? Are people spacing themselves apart? You can see how this virus will spread all oved. Then l read city parks still open. Huh??

  10. Matthew Logan says:

    You report this with no evidence.

  11. Sam says:

    So social distances can’t help the past


    I wonder how old they are?

  13. Lisa A Nellom says:

    I’ve been sick for awhile I have Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis and COPD, where can I please get tested, my primary doctor asked me to go to the ER and get tested, but I have to move out of the house I’ve been renting cause the owner is trying to sale it and I have to be out by the 1st I have been verbally notified only…I don’t want to leave my belongings and end up hospitalized… and my belongings disappear, I work for IHSS and my patient is my live in fiancee he has Parkinson’s and is disabled…he now has a cough too. Help!?

    • Common sense says:

      You cannot just be told to leave your place of residence. It must be in writing If this becomes an issue, Call the police. If you think you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus, follow your doctor’s advice and go to the emergency room, anyway you can. A cough is only one indication that you may be ill from the virus COVID 19. Wear a mask, to minimize your exposure to & from other people you might contact. Wear gloves if it makes you feel safe. Just be prepared to use sanitizer after you touch stuff. At every opportunity, wash your hands and your gloves. Good luck!

    • Deborah says:

      You certainly should have more time to find place. They have banned evictions, with so many unable to work; so you should be safe. If you are afraid of losing your things, think about it this way. Would you rather lose your life or your fiance’s? Your life is much more important; deal with your health first. I was supposed to move by May 1st. My landlord has lifted that request, since obviously virtually no one will be house hunting, looking for a room, or whatever during this crisis. I know I wouldn’t want strangers traipsing around where I live right now; I too am high risk! Since you are both high risk, no one should be touring your home & breaking your quarantine anyway! If you have things you absolutely must keep safe, lock them in your car. Most things can be replaced; your lives cannot! If nothing else, your landlord would have to keep your belongings safely stored. You would have a legal case against him once you recovered. I don’t know specifics, but there is a minimum length of time he has to give you notice, maybe 1 month? And as someone else posted, it must be in writing. Once you are safely in hospital (if indeed you do have the virus) you can call a lawyer or a real estate agent to find out what the law says. I heard that renter’s rights are to the point where you could stay for 6 months before he could get you out. That’s just hearsay, but you legally have time. Don’t panic!!

  14. Annie Graham says:

    Is there an update on the virus numbers?

  15. S.S.B.B says:

    I work for a grocery store. We are putting our lifes on the line Daily to make sure the public has access to Essential needs. Our stores have put sneeze guards in place to protect us. I urge the public to please wear a mask when coming to the grocery store. We have been required through our Gov. To wear mask at work. And this sucks, but were doing it. If I can put My Life on the line for You and I dont even know You. YOU CAN WEAR A MASK in the grocery stores.

  16. D says:

    hmmmm… data for the flu is a year long span so irrelevant in comparing numbers when the data period for covid is barely 25%. When we hit the year mark, then start spouting off numbers for flu vs covid. I’m sick and tired of seeing people with a grin on their face walking around a store without a mask or gloves even like they are the king of the land. It is the defiant ones that will keep this going.

    • Sue says:

      There is no way to stop a virus. These means were meant to slow it down so hospitals wouldnt be overwhelmed with not enough equipment or personnel. Everyone seems to not remember that.

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