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-30- An Editor’s Notebook



GETTING BETTER—One of my favorite places to eat in Escondido, the Wooden Spoon, is getting set to become better. After two-and-a half months serving dinners only at 805 E Valley Pkwy., owners Jesse & Catherine Paul say they are ready to open for lunch on Fridays and Saturdays. They will have some kind of burger, and hot dogs, and are planning to add fish and chips. All done in their signature style of redefining “comfort food.” I dropped by their restaurant the other day and everyone was ordering the “Spoon Burger,” an incredible treat made from house-ground beef, bacon-onion jam, smoked blue cheese, and tomato aioli. No one was anything but stoked as soon as they began devouring this “wet sandwich” that you can’t finish without wiping your face about twenty times with a napkin. Can you spell S-A-T-I-S-F-A-C-T-I-O-N?

* * *

AS GOOD AS IT GETS?—Best Western Days ever? Over the 30 years I have been covering the Valley Center Western Days festival and parade, from the first event— when I almost had sun stroke and stretched myself out on the floor of Van Quackenbush’s office to recover my equilibrium while the traffic returned to normal after the parade (that’s Shoemaker’s current real estate office today)—to today, I have probably written the headline “Best Ever Western Days expected this weekend” at least a dozen times. Maybe more. I wrote it so often that the place where we printed the paper used to joke with me about it. However, this year might actually BE the best ever. At least in terms of cooperation and surviving all of the bad juju and ill feelings that were created at last year’s event. Today it’s a pleasure to see people like rodeo Chairman Joyce Holmes, Western Days Chairman Ron Johnson of the Optimists and Parade Chairman Stu Holthaus of the Chamber working together so harmoniously, without a bit of bad feelings. As Johnson puts it, “I think people should come out to support the community and what we are doing to support the Community Center.” I think that’s a wonderful sentiment.

See you on Western Days, at the parade, where I will be doing my usual stint as an announcer, and around the festival, where I’ll probably be taking pictures.

* * *

DID YOU DELIVER?—Calling all former “TA” delivery boys (or girls)! I’ve been told by some many people in recent months that, “Hey, did you know that I used to deliver the old Times-Advocate?” Why no, I didn’t, but it’s nice to know. In fact, I think it would be fun to get a bunch of former TA delivery people together for a picture. The more the merrier. If anybody else thinks this is a fun idea, let me know.

* * *

MORE ABOUT THE PROWLER— Last edition I wrote about how Escondido City Councilman Ed Gallo asked me to bring back “the Prowler” feature to the paper. He said it had been a popular feature years ago. One of our readers who used to work for the old T-A wrote me a letter that tells me that maybe Ed is older than he’s been letting on!

Dear Mr. Ross:

Re: The comments about the old Times-Advocate’s “The Prowler” in your Editor’s Notebook column of May 7.

The Prowler was the creation of the late Fred Speers, the editor and publisher of the then Daily Times-Advocate, in which he had purchased the majority interest in the mid-1940s when the T-A was on Escondido’s Grand Avenue.

I was a 20-year-old cub reporter who began working at the T-A in August 1952, and was there 27 years through three ownerships.

The Prowler, a daily front-page feature of gossip-style tidbits, was not written specifically by a single person. It was compiled by one person with contributions from other staff members. Each of us was expected to come up with at least one item each day.

For years, the column was compiled by Eloise Perkins, a long-time T-A reporter. The column was discontinued in the 1960s.


Ron Kenney Sr.

I want to thank Mr. Kenney for this fascinating information from the past.

ESCONDIDO DAY— Saturday, June 20 will be Escondido Day at the Del Mar Fair. The Escondido Chamber of Commerce is inviting members to take the opportunitytoshowcasetheirbusiness.Costis$75fora6footexhibitortable with tablecloth and two chairs and eight exhibitor passes. Participants can bring items to give away, have raffles, anything to draw attention to your table. They are not allowed to sell anything. This is an all day commitment, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Exhibitors must stay all day. Space is limited. Call the Escondido Chamber to request an application at 760-745-2125.

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